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AccessPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Restricted accessjostvera-ivarspdf.pdf.jpgSep-2003Measuring sustainability in a mass tourist destination: pressures, perceptions and policy responses in Torrevieja, SpainVera-Rebollo, José Fernando; Ivars-Baidal, Josep
Restricted accessRegionalStudies.pdf.jpg29-Apr-2008Spread of low-cost carriers: tourism and regional policy effects in SpainVera-Rebollo, José Fernando; Ivars-Baidal, Josep
Open access2014_Ivars_etal_CuadTurismo-esp.pdf.jpg2014Políticas de innovación en turismo y desarrollo de clusters: la percepción gerencial en el programa Agrupaciones Empresariales Innovadoras (AEIs)Ivars-Baidal, Josep; Vera-Rebollo, José Fernando; Acebal Fernández, Alejandro
Restricted access2013_Ivars_etal_TourismManagement.pdf.jpgFeb-2013The evolution of mass tourism destinations: new approaches beyond deterministic models in Benidorm (Spain)Ivars-Baidal, Josep; Rodriguez-Sanchez, Isabel; Vera-Rebollo, José Fernando
Open access2015_Cerchiello_Vera_JTourHist_final.pdf.jpg19-Aug-2015Steamboats and pleasure travels: success and failure of the first Spanish initiatives in the mid-nineteenth centuryCerchiello, Gaetano; Vera-Rebollo, José Fernando
Open access2014_Ivars_etal_BAGE.pdf.jpg2014Nuevos enfoques en gestión turística: el Programa de Agrupaciones Empresariales Innovadoras en EspañaIvars-Baidal, Josep; Rodriguez-Sanchez, Isabel; Vera-Rebollo, José Fernando; Acebal Fernández, Alejandro
Open access2016_Olcina_Vera_CuadTur_esp.pdf.jpg2016Cambio climático y política turística en España: diagnóstico del litoral mediterráneo españolOlcina Cantos, Jorge; Vera-Rebollo, José Fernando
Open access2016_Ivars_etal_WIT-TEE.pdf.jpg2016Tourist mobility at coastal mass destinations: implications for sustainabilityIvars-Baidal, Josep; Celdrán Bernabéu, Marco Antonio; Triviño Pérez, Alejandro; Vera-Rebollo, José Fernando
Restricted access2018_Perles-Ribes_etal_CurrentIssTour_final.pdf.jpg2018The end of growth in residential tourism destinations: steady state or sustainable development? The case of CalpePerles Ribes, José Francisco; Ramón-Rodríguez, Ana B.; Vera-Rebollo, José Fernando; Ivars-Baidal, Josep
Embargoed2019_Cerchiello_Vera-Rebollo_JTourismHistory_final.pdf.jpg29-May-2019From elitist to popular tourism: leisure cruises to Spain during the first third of the twentieth century (1900–1936)Cerchiello, Gaetano; Vera-Rebollo, José Fernando