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AccessPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Restricted access2013_Ramon_etal_WIT-TICT.pdf.jpg2013A methodology for evacuation route planning inside buildings using geospatial technologyRamon-Morte, Alfredo; Rodríguez Hidalgo, A.B.; Navarro Carrión, José Tomás; Zaragozí Zaragozí, Benito Manuel
Restricted access2013_Zaragozi_etal_WIT-TEE.pdf.jpg2013A data driven study of relationships between relief and farmland abandonment in a Mediterranean regionZaragozí Zaragozí, Benito Manuel; Rodríguez Sala, Jesús Javier; Rabasa Dolado, Alejandro; Ramon-Morte, Alfredo; Olcina Cantos, Jorge
Open access2016_Navarro_etal_IntJDesignNatureEcodynamics.pdf.jpg2016Should EU Land Use and Land Cover Data be managed with a NoSQL Document Store?Navarro Carrión, José Tomás; Zaragozí Zaragozí, Benito Manuel; Ramon-Morte, Alfredo; Valcárcel-Sanz, Nuria
Open access2017_Tirado_Hernandez_TourPlanDev_final.pdf.jpg2017Assessing the Impact of EU Rural Development Programs on TourismTirado-Ballesteros, Juan Gabriel; Hernández-Hernández, María
Open access2016_Olcina_Vera_CuadTur_esp.pdf.jpg2016Cambio climático y política turística en España: diagnóstico del litoral mediterráneo españolOlcina Cantos, Jorge; Vera-Rebollo, José Fernando
Restricted access2019_Zaragozi_etal_HistoricalMethods_final.pdf.jpg30-Apr-2019A graph-based analysis for generating geographical context from a historical cadastre in Spain (17th and 18th centuries)Zaragozí Zaragozí, Benito Manuel; Gimenez-Font, Pablo; Belda, Antonio; Ramon-Morte, Alfredo
Open access2019_Banos_etal_Sustainability.pdf.jpg19-Aug-2019The Hydrosocial Cycle in Coastal Tourist Destinations in Alicante, Spain: Increasing Resilience to DroughtBaños Castiñeira, Carlos Javier; Hernández-Hernández, María; Rico, Antonio; Olcina Cantos, Jorge
Restricted access2019_Tirado_Hernandez_EuroPlannStud_final.pdf.jpg20-Nov-2018Promoting tourism through the EU LEADER programme: understanding Local Action Group governanceTirado-Ballesteros, Juan Gabriel; Hernández-Hernández, María