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Open accessEscandell-Rico_etal_2021_IntJEnvironResPublicHealth.pdf.jpg2-Apr-2021Nurses’ Perceptions on the Implementation of a Safe Drug Administration Protocol and Its Effect on Error NotificationEscandell Rico, Francisco Miguel; Perpiñá-Galvañ, Juana; Pérez-Fernández, Lucía; Sanjuan-Quiles, Angela; Gómez-Beltrán, Piedras Albas; Ramos-Pichardo, Juan Diego
Open access2020_Folch-Ayora_etal_IntJMedicalInformatics_final.pdf.jpgJan-2020Mobile applications in oncology: A systematic review of health science databasesFolch Ayora, Ana; Maciá Soler, Loreto; López Montesinos, María José; Salas Medina, Pablo; Molés Julio, María Pilar; Seva Llor, Ana Myriam
Restricted accessRamirez-Torres_etal_2021_AORNJ_final.pdf.jpgJun-2021A Scoping Review of Strategies Used to Implement the Surgical Safety ChecklistRamírez-Torres, Carmen Amaia; Pedraz Marcos, Azucena; Maciá Soler, Loreto; Rivera-Sanz, Félix
Open access2019_Folch_etal_RevLatino-AmEnfermagem_eng.pdf.jpg18-Jul-2019Analysis of two questionnaires on quality of life of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease patientsFolch Ayora, Ana; Maciá Soler, Loreto; Cervera Gasch, Águeda
Open access2015_Barbera_etal_RLAE_eng.pdf.jpg2015Academic training of nursing professionals and its relevance to the workplaceBarbera Ortega, Maria del Carmen; Cecagno, Diana; Seva Llor, Ana Myriam; Siqueira, Hedi Crecencia Heckler de; López-Montesinos, María José; Maciá Soler, Loreto
Open access2014_Lapena_etal_TextoContextoEnferm_eng.pdf.jpgSep-2014Interpersonal relationships among hospital nurses and the use of communication skillsLapeña Moñux, Yolanda; Cibanal Juan, Luis; Pedraz Marcos, Azucena; Maciá Soler, Loreto
Restricted access2018_Cervera_etal_NurseEduTod_final.pdf.jpgJun-2018Predictors of nurses' level of participation in student care: A multivariable analysisCervera Gasch, Águeda; Maciá Soler, Loreto; Mena Tudela, Desirée; González Chordá, Víctor Manuel
Open access2019_Calvo-Gonell_etal_RevFisioterapiaInvasiva_ENG.pdf.jpg16-Apr-2019The Relationship between the Anteroposterior Diameter of the Patellar Tendon, Pain and Functionality in Volleyball Players – An Observational StudyCalvo Gonell, Alfonso; Maciá Soler, Loreto; Moncho, Joaquin
Open access2019_Sanchez-Macia_etal_RevLatino-AmEnfermagem_eng.pdf.jpg5-Dec-2019Reduction of ventilatory time using the multidisciplinary disconnection protocol. Pilot studySánchez Maciá, Miriam; Miralles-Sancho, Jaime; Castaño Picó, María José; Pérez-Carbonell, Ana; Maciá Soler, Loreto
Open access2015_Calvo-Gonell_etal_IJSPT.pdf.jpgDec-2015Relationship between the Y Balance Test scores and Soft Tissue Injury Incidence in a Soccer TeamCalvo Gonell, Alfonso; Pina Romero, José Aurelio; Maciá Soler, Loreto