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Open access2015_Segura_etal_IOVS.pdf.jpgOct-2015Assessment of Visual and Chromatic Functions in a Rodent Model of Retinal DegenerationSegura, Francisco; Sánchez Cano, Ana; Jarabo, Sebastián, et al
Restricted accesschanges_inner_outer_retinal.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2010Changes in the inner and outer retinal layers after acute increase of the intraocular pressure in adult albino Swiss miceCuenca, Nicolás; Pinilla Lozano, Isabel; Fernández-Sánchez, Laura, et al
Restricted access2013_Garcia-Ayuso_etal_IOVS_final.pdf.jpg28-Aug-2013Changes in the Photoreceptor Mosaic of P23H-1 Rats During Retinal Degeneration: Implications for Rod-Cone Dependent SurvivalGarcía Ayuso, Diego; Ortín Martínez, Arturo; Jiménez López, Manuel, et al
Open access2017_Di-Pierdomenico_etal_FrontNeuroanat.pdf.jpg6-Mar-2017Early Events in Retinal Degeneration Caused by Rhodopsin Mutation or Pigment Epithelium Malfunction: Differences and SimilaritiesDi Pierdomenico, Johnny; García Ayuso, Diego; Pinilla Lozano, Isabel, et al
Restricted access2015_Garcia-Ayuso_etal_IOVS_final.pdf.jpgJul-2015Inherited Photoreceptor Degeneration Causes the Death of Melanopsin-Positive Retinal Ganglion Cells and Increases Their Coexpression of Brn3aGarcía Ayuso, Diego; Di Pierdomenico, Johnny; Esquiva, Gema, et al
Open access2019_Vidal-Villegas_etal_IntJMolSci.pdf.jpg20-Jun-2019Melanopsin+RGCs Are fully Resistant to NMDA-Induced ExcitotoxicityVidal-Villegas, Beatriz; Di Pierdomenico, Johnny; Miralles de Imperial-Ollero, Juan A., et al
Restricted accessretinal_ganglion_cell_numbers.pdf.jpg16-Oct-2010Retinal ganglion cell numbers and delayed retinal ganglion cell death in the P23H rat retinaGarcía Ayuso, Diego; Salinas Navarro, Manuel; Agudo Barriuso, Marta, et al
Open accessValiente-Soriano_etal_2020_SciRep.pdf.jpg29-Apr-2020Tracing the retina to analyze the integrity and phagocytic capacity of the retinal pigment epitheliumValiente-Soriano, Francisco J.; Salinas Navarro, Manuel; Di Pierdomenico, Johnny, et al