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Open accessfp_af_manual.pdf.jpgNov-2009La actividad física para los mayores: teoríaVega Ramírez, Lilyan; Cortell-Tormo, Juan M.; Tortosa-Martínez, Juan
Open accessfpm_af_pre.pdf.jpgNov-2009Actividad física: módulo prácticoVega Ramírez, Lilyan; Tortosa-Martínez, Juan; Cortell-Tormo, Juan M.
Open access2018_Picon_etal_IntJExercSci.pdf.jpg2018Acute Cardiovascular Responses after a Single Bout Blood Flow Restriction TrainingPicón, Moisés; Chulvi Medrano, Iván; Cortell-Tormo, Juan M., et al
Open accessfpm_af_diario.pdf.jpgNov-2009Agenda semanal de ejercicio físicoVega Ramírez, Lilyan; Tortosa-Martínez, Juan; Cortell-Tormo, Juan M.
Open access2014_Martinez-Roman_etal_Azarbe.pdf.jpg2014Aprender conociendo a las personas usuarias de los serviciosMartinez-Roman, Maria-Asuncion; Domenech-López, Yolanda; Tortosa-Martínez, Juan
Open access2018_Gimenez_Tortosa_RevEspDrogodep.pdf.jpg2018Beneficios del ejercicio físico para la salud mental en pacientes drogodependientesGiménez-Meseguer, Jorge; Tortosa-Martínez, Juan
Restricted access2015_Gimenez_etal_JPsychoactiveDrugs_final.pdf.jpg23-Nov-2015Benefits of Exercise for the Quality of Life of Drug-Dependent PatientsGiménez-Meseguer, Jorge; Tortosa-Martínez, Juan; Fernández-Valenciano, María de los Remedios
Restricted access2013_Beltran_etal_Women&Health_final.pdf.jpg12-Aug-2013Contributions of a Group-Based Exercise Program for Coping with Fibromyalgia: A Qualitative Study Giving Voice to Female PatientsBeltrán Carrillo, Vicente J.; Tortosa-Martínez, Juan; Jennings, George, et al
Open access2017_Dijckmans_etal_EuroRevAgingPhysAct.pdf.jpg15-May-2017Does the diurnal cycle of cortisol explain the relationship between physical performance and cognitive function in older adults?Dijckmans, B.; Tortosa-Martínez, Juan; Caus i Pertegaz, Núria, et al
Open access2017_Manchado_etal_JHumanKinetics.pdf.jpgFeb-2017Effect of Core Training on Male Handball Players’ Throwing VelocityManchado, Carmen; García-Ruiz, José; Cortell-Tormo, Juan M., et al
Restricted access2018_Cortell-Tormo_etal_JBackMusculoskeletRehab_corrected.pdf.jpg6-Feb-2018Effects of functional resistance training on fitness and quality of life in females with chronic nonspecific low-back painCortell-Tormo, Juan M.; Tercedor Sánchez, Pablo; Chulvi Medrano, Iván, et al
Restricted access2018_Manchado_etal_JStrengthCondRes_final.pdf.jpgJan-2018Effects of Two Different Training Periodization Models on Physical and Physiological Aspects of Elite Female Team Handball PlayersManchado, Carmen; Cortell-Tormo, Juan M.; Tortosa-Martínez, Juan
Open accessfpm_af_guia.pdf.jpgNov-2009EHLE Project: Actividad física y salud. GuíaVega Ramírez, Lilyan; Tortosa-Martínez, Juan; Cortell-Tormo, Juan M.
Open accessMemories-Xarxes-I3CE-2018-19-084.pdf.jpg2019Entrenamiento Neuromuscular Integrado, ¿Una necesidad en las clases de Educación Física de Primaria?Manchado, Carmen; Zarco Pleguezuelos, Pablo; Tortosa-Martínez, Juan, et al
Open access2018_Tortosa-Martinez_etal_EurJHumanMov.pdf.jpg2018Exercise for dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment: methodological considerationsTortosa-Martínez, Juan; Caus i Pertegaz, Núria; Martínez Canales, Celeste, et al
Open access2016_Chulvi-Medrano_etal_Exercise-for-Hypertension.pdf.jpg2016Exercise for HypertensionChulvi Medrano, Iván; Sanchis-Cervera, José; Tortosa-Martínez, Juan, et al
Restricted access2015_Tortosa_etal_JAPA_final.pdf.jpgOct-2015Exercise Increases the Dynamics of Diurnal Cortisol Secretion and Executive Function in People With Amnestic Mild Cognitive ImpairmentTortosa-Martínez, Juan; Clow, Angela; Caus i Pertegaz, Núria, et al
Open access2018_Tortosa_etal_NeurobioStress.pdf.jpgNov-2018Exercise, the diurnal cycle of cortisol and cognitive impairment in older adultsTortosa-Martínez, Juan; Manchado, Carmen; Cortell-Tormo, Juan M., et al
Open accessJHSE_Vol_VII_N_III_684-697.pdf.jpgOct-2012Factors influencing the choice of a university degree: the case of recreation, parks and tourism administration studiesIglesias Martínez, Marcos Jesús; Martínez Ruiz, María Ángeles; Tortosa-Martínez, Juan
Open accessjhse_Vol_8_N_proc3_702-710.pdf.jpg2013Group-based exercise for people with mild cognitive impairment: a pilot studyTortosa-Martínez, Juan; Caus i Pertegaz, Núria; Martínez Canales, Celeste