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Open access2017_Sanchez_etal_AnalChem_final.pdf.jpg15-Nov-2017Aerosol-Phase Extraction Method for Determination of Ca, K, Mg, and Na in Biodiesel through Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission SpectrometrySánchez, Raquel; Maestre, Salvador E.; Prats Moya, Soledad, et al
Open access2016_Sanchez_etal_SpectrActaB_final.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2016Analysis of bioethanol samples through Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry with a total sample consumption systemSánchez, Carlos; Lienemann, Charles Philippe; Todolí Torró, José Luis
Open access2017_Canabate_etal_JAAS_accepted.pdf.jpg2017Analysis of whole blood by ICP-MS equipped with a high temperature total sample consumption systemCañabate López, Águeda; García-Ruiz, Esperanza; Resano, Martín, et al
Open accessXIV-Jornadas-Redes-ICE_047.pdf.jpg2016La asignatura Química de los Alimentos como herramienta de iniciación a la investigaciónSánchez, Carlos; Cañabate López, Águeda; Cerdán, Mar, et al
Open access13-Jul-2011Calcinación de crisolesMora, Juan; Grindlay, Guillermo; Gras, Luis, et al
Open access26-Sep-2010Calentamiento de tubos de ensayoGras, Luis; Grindlay, Guillermo; Jiménez, Alfonso, et al
Open access2017_Canabate_etal_JAAS_final.pdf.jpg20-Jul-2017Cerebrospinal fluid elemental analysis by using a total sample consumption system operated at high temperature adapted to inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometryCañabate López, Águeda; García-Ruiz, Esperanza; Resano, Martín, et al
Restricted access2018_Klencsar_etal_JPharmaBiomedAnal_final.pdf.jpg10-May-2018Comparative evaluation of ICP sample introduction systems to be used in the metabolite profiling of chlorine-containing pharmaceuticals via HPLC-ICP-MSKlencsár, Balázs; Sánchez, Carlos; Balcaen, Lieve, et al
Restricted access2017_Sanchez_etal_SpectrActaB_final.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2017Comparison of a high temperature torch integrated sample introduction system with a desolvation system for the analysis of microsamples through inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometrySánchez, Raquel; Cañabate López, Águeda; Bresson, Carole, et al
Open access2019_Boucherit_etal_JMaterEnvironSci.pdf.jpg2019Comparison of Microwave-assisted, ultrasound-assisted and conventional solvent extraction techniques for the extraction of molybdenum with tributyl phosphateBoucherit, Ahmed; Khalaf, Hussein; Bonete, Pedro, et al
Open accessjaas2004(728).pdf.jpg2004Compensation for matrix effects in ICP-AES by using air segmented liquid microsample introduction. The role of the spray chamberTodolí Torró, José Luis; Maestre, Salvador E.; Mermet, Jean Michel
Open access2014_XII_Jornadas_Redes_73.pdf.jpg2014Congreso de Estudiantes de Química de la Comunidad Valenciana. Otra forma de aprender es posibleSánchez, Carlos; Cañabate López, Águeda; Cots, Ainhoa, et al
Open accesscontrol de calidad de los alimentos.pdf.jpg8-Nov-2008Curso de control de calidad de los alimentosTodolí Torró, José Luis
Open accessposter WInter 2007(1).pdf.jpg3-Nov-2007Determination of carboxylic acids, carbohydrates and metals in different tomato cultivars by HPLC-ICP-AES in a single chromatographic runParedes Paredes, Eduardo; Maestre, Salvador E.; Prats Moya, Soledad, et al
Open access2015_Carballo_etal_JSS_final.pdf.jpgApr-2015Determination of fat-soluble vitamins in vegetable oils through microwave-assisted high-performance liquid chromatographyCarballo Marrero, Silvia; Prats Moya, Soledad; Maestre, Salvador E., et al
Restricted access2013_Sanchez_etal_SA-B_final.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2013Determination of trace elements in petroleum products by inductively coupled plasma techniques: A critical reviewSánchez, Raquel; Todolí Torró, José Luis; Lienemann, Charles Philippe, et al
Open access2018_Cerutti_etal_JAnalAtSpectrom_accepted.pdf.jpg30-Nov-2018Determination of trace elements in undiluted wine samples using an automatized total sample consumption system coupled to ICP-MSCerutti, Claudia; Sánchez, Carlos; Sánchez, Raquel, et al
Open access2018_Sanchez_etal_JAnalAtSpectrom_accepted.pdf.jpg27-Nov-2018Direct elemental analysis of diluted petroleum heavy fractions by means of inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry equipped with a high temperature torch integrated sample introduction systemSánchez, Raquel; Lefevre, Johan; Todolí Torró, José Luis
Restricted access2018_Sanchez_etal_JAnalAtSpectrom_final.pdf.jpg14-Feb-2018Direct lead isotopic analysis of bioethanol by means of multi-collector ICP-mass spectrometry with a total consumption sample introduction systemSánchez, Carlos; Bolea-Fernandez, Eduardo; Costas-Rodríguez, Marta, et al
Open accessMemories-Xarxes-I3CE-2018-19-184.pdf.jpg2019Diseño de prácticas de laboratorio para la mejora de competencias profesionales: Evaluación del impacto de la realización de un trabajo de iniciación a la investigación en el Grado de QuímicaSánchez, Raquel; Beltrán Sanahuja, Ana; Bica, Alexandra María, et al