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Open accessOrihuela-Torres_etal_2021_AvianRes.pdf.jpg21-Aug-2021Avian-power line interactions in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia: are mitigation actions effective?Orihuela-Torres, Adrian; Pérez-García, Juan M.; Morales-Reyes, Zebensui, et al
Open accessNaves‐Alegre_etal_2024_Ecology.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2024Behavioral interactions are modulated by facilitation along a heterotrophic successionNaves-Alegre, Lara; Sebastián-González, Esther; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.
Open accessPerez-Garcia_etal_2023_AnimalConservation.pdf.jpg4-Sep-2023Blind shots: non-natural mortality counteracts conservation efforts of a threatened waterbirdPérez-García, Juan M.; Sebastián-González, Esther; Rodríguez-Caro, Roberto C., et al
Open accessRedondo-Gomez_etal_2022_BasicApplEcol.pdf.jpg20-Jan-2022Comparing scavenging in marine and terrestrial ecosystems: a case study with fish and gull carcasses in a small Mediterranean islandRedondo-Gómez, Daniel; Quaggiotto, M.-Martina; Bailey, David M., et al
Open accessGreen_etal_2023_FreshwaterBiol.pdf.jpg31-Jan-2023Dispersal of aquatic and terrestrial organisms by waterbirds: A review of current knowledge and future prioritiesGreen, Andy J.; Lovas-Kiss, Ádám; Reynolds, Chevonne, et al
Open accessHernandez-Brito_etal_2021_Plants.pdf.jpg13-Apr-2021Epizoochory in Parrots as an Overlooked Yet Widespread Plant–Animal MutualismHernández-Brito, Dailos; Romero-Vidal, Pedro; Hiraldo, Fernando, et al
Open accessSebastian-Gonzalez_etal_2021_Ecology.pdf.jpg27-Aug-2021Functional traits driving species role in the structure of terrestrial vertebrate scavenger networksSebastián-González, Esther; Morales-Reyes, Zebensui; Botella, Francisco, et al
Open accessMorant_etal_2023_Ecosystems_revised.pdf.jpg13-Apr-2022Large-Scale Quantification and Correlates of Ungulate Carrion Production in the AnthropoceneMorant, Jon; Arrondo, Eneko; Cortés-Avizanda, Ainara, et al
Open accessOrihuela‐Torres_etal_2023_AnimalConservation.pdf.jpg2-Jan-2023Outdoor recreation alters terrestrial vertebrate scavenger assemblage and carrion removal in a protected Mediterranean wetlandOrihuela-Torres, Adrian; Sebastián-González, Esther; Pérez-García, Juan M.
Open accessPerez-Garcia_etal_2022_PNAS.pdf.jpg25-Jul-2022Priority areas for conservation alone are not a good proxy for predicting the impact of renewable energy expansionPérez-García, Juan M.; Morant, Jon; Arrondo, Eneko, et al
Open accessNaves-Alegre_etal_2022_JZool.pdf.jpg20-Sep-2022Scavenger assemblages are structured by complex competition and facilitation processes among vulturesNaves-Alegre, Lara; Morales-Reyes, Zebensui; Sánchez-Zapata, José A., et al
Open accessOrihuela-Torres_etal_2022_EcolEvol.pdf.jpg31-Jul-2022Scavenger guild and consumption patterns of an invasive alien fish species in a Mediterranean wetlandOrihuela-Torres, Adrian; Pérez-García, Juan M.; Sánchez-Zapata, José A., et al
Open accessOliva‐Vidal_etal_2022_Oikos.pdf.jpg26-Aug-2022Scavenging in changing environments: woody encroachment shapes rural scavenger assemblages in EuropeOliva-Vidal, Pilar; Sebastián-González, Esther; Margalida, Antoni
Open accessNaves-Alegre_etal_2022_ProcRSocB_final.pdf.jpg2-Nov-2022Scavenging in the realm of senses: smell and vision drive recruitment at carcasses in Neotropical ecosystemsNaves-Alegre, Lara; Morales-Reyes, Zebensui; Sánchez-Zapata, José A., et al
Open accessSkrabal_etal_2023_MovEcol.pdf.jpg9-Dec-2023Soaring over open waters: horizontal winds provide lift to soaring migrants in weak thermal conditionsŠkrábal, Jan; Krejčí, Šimon; Raab, Rainer, et al
Open accessSebastian-Gonzalez_etal_2023_PLoSComputBiol.pdf.jpg10-Aug-2023Ten simple rules for a mom-friendly AcademiaSebastián-González, Esther; Graciá, Eva; Morán Ordóñez, Alejandra, et al
Open accessHart_etal_2021_FrontEcolEvol.pdf.jpg15-Oct-2021Timing Is Everything: Acoustic Niche Partitioning in Two Tropical Wet Forest Bird CommunitiesHart, Patrick J.; Ibanez, Thomas; Paxton, Kristina, et al
Open accessNaves-Alegre_etal_2021_Biotropica.pdf.jpg30-Jul-2021Uncovering the vertebrate scavenger guild composition and functioning in the Cerrado biodiversity hotspotNaves-Alegre, Lara; Morales-Reyes, Zebensui; Sánchez-Zapata, José A., et al
Open accessSebastian-Gonzalez_etal_2023_GlobalEcolBiogeogr.pdf.jpg23-May-2023The underestimated role of carrion in vertebrates' diet studiesSebastián-González, Esther; Morant, Jon; Moleón, Marcos, et al
Open accessOrihuela-Torres_etal_2021_JAridEnviron_preprint.pdf.jpgJul-2021Unravelling the vertebrate scavenger assemblage in the Gobi Desert, MongoliaOrihuela-Torres, Adrian; Morales-Reyes, Zebensui; Pérez-García, Juan M., et al