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Open access2019_Alonso_etal_NutrHosp.pdf.jpg2019Changes in metabolic and inflammatory parameters in a type 1 diabetic patient performing extreme activitiesAlonso, Natalia; Martínez-Peinado, Pascual; Pascual García, Sandra, et al
Open access2018_Martinez-Peinado_etal_JImmunologyRes.pdf.jpg9-Sep-2018Differences of Clonogenic Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Immunomodulation of Lymphocyte SubsetsMartínez-Peinado, Pascual; Pascual García, Sandra; Roche, Enrique, et al
Restricted access2017_Carrera_etal_JPhysiolBiochem_final.pdf.jpgNov-2017Effect of a 2000-m running test on antioxidant and cytokine response in plasma and circulating cellsCarrera-Quintanar, Lucrecia; Funes, Lorena; Sánchez-Martos, Miguel, et al
Open access2019_Martinez-Rodriguez_etal_UniversitasPsychologica.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2019Effect of Diet Management on Anxiety in Combat SportsMartinez-Rodriguez, Alejandro; Vicente-Salar, Néstor; Montero-Carretero, Carlos, et al
Open access2017_Martinez-Rodriguez_Roche_NutrHosp.pdf.jpg2017Effect of satiety on body composition and anxiety in university athletes: cohort studyMartinez-Rodriguez, Alejandro; Roche, Enrique
Open access2014_Montero_etal_JCEM.pdf.jpgMar-2014Effects of a Lifestyle Program on Vascular Reactivity in Macro- and Microcirculation in Severely Obese AdolescentsMontero, David; Walther, Guillaume; Pérez Martín, Antonia, et al
Open access2016_Fuster_etal_Nutrition_final.pdf.jpgMay-2016Effects of pomegranate juice in circulating parameters, cytokines, and oxidative stress markers in endurance-based athletes: A randomized controlled trialFuster-Muñoz, Encarnación; Roche, Enrique; Funes, Lorena, et al
Restricted access2014_Martinez-Ramonde_etal_ExpClinEndocDiab_final.pdf.jpg5-May-2014Importance of Exercise in the Control of Metabolic and Inflammatory Parameters at the Moment of Onset in Type 1 Diabetic SubjectsMartínez-Ramonde, T.; Alonso, N.; Cordido, F., et al
Open access2014_Sempere_etal_CEI.pdf.jpg13-Jan-2014Single-cell derived clones from human adipose stem cells present different immunomodulatory propertiesSempere Ortells, José Miguel; Martínez-Peinado, Pascual; Arribas, María I., et al