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Open accessRabat_etal_2020_ConsBuildMat_final.pdf.jpg30-Nov-2020Impact of water on peak and residual shear strength parameters and triaxial deformability of high-porosity building calcarenite stones: Interconnection with their physical and petrological characteristicsRabat, Álvaro; Tomás, Roberto; Cano, Miguel, et al
Open accessPinto_etal_2023_E3S-Web-of-Conferences.pdf.jpg18-Aug-2023Landslide Analysis combining Laser Scanning and PhotogrammetryPinto, Pedro; Barros, Juliana; Pinheiro, Marisa, et al
Open accessTomas_etal_2023_Landslides.pdf.jpg31-May-2023Preliminary analysis of the mechanisms, characteristics, and causes of a recent catastrophic structurally controlled rock planar slide in Esposende (northern Portugal)Tomás, Roberto; Pinheiro, Marisa; Pinto, Pedro, et al
Open accessCano_etal_2020_InfConstruccion.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2020Procedimiento constructivo de muros de sótano mediante bataches con juntas de conexión. Estudio del ancho óptimo de excavación en suelos mixtosCano, Miguel; Pastor Navarro, José Luis; Miranda, Tiago, et al
Open accessTomas_etal_2021_JBuildEng.pdf.jpg9-Jun-2021Thermal effect of high temperatures on the physical and mechanical properties of a granite used in the UNESCO World Heritage of the north of PortugalTomás, Roberto; Cano, Miguel; Pulgarín Canaval, Luis Fernando, et al
Open accessMartinez-Ibanez_etal_2021_ApplSci.pdf.jpg6-Apr-2021Thermal Effects on the Drilling Performance of a Limestone: Relationships with Physical and Mechanical PropertiesMartínez-Ibáñez, Víctor; Garrido, M. Elvira; Hidalgo Signes, Carlos, et al
Open accessMartinez-Ibanez_etal_2021_IOPConfSerEarthEnviron_012053.pdf.jpg2021Variation of Drilling Rate Index (DRI) with temperature and its relationship with thermal damage on 'Prada' limestoneMartínez-Ibáñez, Víctor; Basco, Aniello; Garrido, M. Elvira, et al