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Restricted access28-Aug-20232D Very Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Carotid Artery Calcification Detection on 3D Patient's CT-ScanReina Reina, Alejandro; Maté, Alejandro; Trujillo, Juan
Open access2014_Mate_etal_JSS_final.pdf.jpgFeb-2014Adding semantic modules to improve goal-oriented analysis of data warehouses using I-starMaté, Alejandro; Trujillo, Juan; Franch, Xavier
Open access2017_Peral_etal_CSI_accepted.pdf.jpgFeb-2017Application of Data Mining techniques to identify relevant Key Performance IndicatorsPeral, Jesús; Maté, Alejandro; Marco Such, Manuel
Open accessBarrera_etal_2021_CEUR.pdf.jpgOct-2021Applying i* in Conceptual Modelling in Machine LearningBarrera, Jose Manuel; Reina Reina, Alejandro; Maté, Alejandro, et al
Open access2020_Lavalle_etal_DOLAP.pdf.jpg2020An Approach to Automatically Detect and Visualize Bias in Data AnalyticsLavalle, Ana; Maté, Alejandro; Trujillo, Juan
Restricted accessAttentionRobots_escritorio.pdf.jpg8-Sep-2023Attention Robots – Versión EscritorioTeruel, Miguel A.; Trujillo, Juan; Maté, Alejandro, et al
Restricted accessAttentionRobots_AR.pdf.jpg8-Sep-2023Attention Robots – Versión Realidad AumentadaTeruel, Miguel A.; Trujillo, Juan; Maté, Alejandro, et al
Restricted accessAttentionRobots_VR.pdf.jpg8-Sep-2023Attention Robots – Versión Realidad VirtualTeruel, Miguel A.; Trujillo, Juan; Maté, Alejandro, et al
Restricted accessAttentionSlackline.pdf.jpg8-Sep-2023Attention SlacklineTeruel, Miguel A.; Trujillo, Juan; Maté, Alejandro, et al
Open access2015_Ferrandez_etal_EcolInf_final.pdf.jpgNov-2015An authoring tool for decision support systems in context questions of ecological knowledgeFerrández, Antonio; Peral, Jesús; Gregorio Medrano, Elisa de, et al
Open accessTardio_etal_2022_FutureGeneratComputSyst_accepted.pdf.jpg23-Feb-2022Beyond TPC-DS, a benchmark for Big Data OLAP systems (BDOLAP-Bench)Tardío, Roberto; Maté, Alejandro; Trujillo, Juan
Restricted access3-Feb-2021Chatbot Analyzer: Librería para extracción de insights sobre conversaciones de chatbotsBarrera, Jose Manuel; Reina Reina, Alejandro; Maté, Alejandro, et al
Open access2017_Hallo_etal_RISTI.pdf.jpgJun-2017Cuadros de mando para gestionar el uso de bibliotecas digitales sobre datos enlazadosHallo, María; Luján-Mora, Sergio; Maté, Alejandro
Open access2015_Hallo_etal_JIS_final.pdf.jpg21-Jul-2015Current state of Linked Data in digital librariesHallo, María; Luján-Mora, Sergio; Maté, Alejandro, et al
Open access2018_Perez-Castillo_etal_Sensors.pdf.jpg14-Sep-2018DAQUA-MASS: An ISO 8000-61 Based Data Quality Management Methodology for Sensor DataPerez-Castillo, Ricardo; Carretero, Ana G.; Caballero, Ismael, et al
Open accessLavalle_etal_2023_IEEEAccess.pdf.jpg24-May-2023A Data Analytics Methodology to Visually Analyze the impact of Bias and RebalancingLavalle, Ana; Maté, Alejandro; Trujillo, Juan, et al
Open accessdata-models-storage-retrieval-legislative-documents.pdf.jpg2015Data Model for Storage and Retrieval of Legislative Documents in Digital Libraries Using Linked DataHallo, María; Luján-Mora, Sergio; Maté, Alejandro
Open accesstesis_alejandro_mate.pdf.jpg2013Data Warehouses: Traceability and Alignment with Corporate StrategiesMaté, Alejandro
Open accessReina-Reina_etal_2023_Heliyon.pdf.jpg28-Nov-2023Developing an interpretable machine learning model for predicting COVID-19 patients deteriorating prior to intensive care unit admission using laboratory markersReina Reina, Alejandro; Barrera, Jose Manuel; Maté, Alejandro, et al
Open accessRivera_etal_2022_ArtifIntellRev_final.pdf.jpg27-Mar-2021Diagnosis and prognosis of mental disorders by means of EEG and deep learning: a systematic mapping studyRivera, Manuel J.; Teruel, Miguel A.; Maté, Alejandro, et al