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Open access2018_Martinez_Bru_Proteomics_final.pdf.jpgApr-2018A Deep Proteomics Perspective Into Grape Berry Quality Traits During RipeningMartínez Esteso, María José; Bru-Martinez, Roque
Restricted access2013_Martinez_etal_JPR_final.pdf.jpg18-Nov-2013Development and Validation of MRM Methods to Quantify Protein Isoforms of Polyphenol Oxidase in Loquat FruitsMartínez Márquez, Ascensión; Morante Carriel, Jaime; Sellés Marchart, Susana, et al
Open access2016_Martinez-Esteso_etal_JIOMICS.pdf.jpgJun-2016A DIGE proteomic analysis of wheat flag leaf treated with TERRA-SORB® foliar, a free amino acid high content biostimulantMartínez Esteso, María José; Vilella Antón, María Teresa; Sellés Marchart, Susana, et al
Open accessTesis_Martinez_Esteso.pdf.jpg2011Estudio del desarrollo de la baya de vid y producción de resveratrol en cultivos celulares mediante las técnicas de proteómica cuantitativa DIGE e iTRAQMartínez Esteso, María José
Open access2013_Martinez-Esteso_etal_BMCPlantBiology.pdf.jpg24-Oct-2013iTRAQ-based protein profiling provides insights into the central metabolism changes driving grape berry development and ripeningMartínez Esteso, María José; Vilella Antón, María Teresa; Pedreño, María A., et al
Open access2014_Morante_etal_AnalyticalBiochemistry.pdf.jpg17-Feb-2014RNA isolation from loquat and other recalcitrant woody plants with high quality and yieldMorante Carriel, Jaime; Sellés Marchart, Susana; Martínez Márquez, Ascensión, et al
Open access2015_Martinez-Esteso_etal_Frontiers-in-Plant-Science.pdf.jpg7-Jul-2015The role of proteomics in progressing insights into plant secondary metabolismMartínez Esteso, María José; Martínez Márquez, Ascensión; Sellés Marchart, Susana, et al
Open access2017_Martinez-Marquez_etal_FrontPlantSci.pdf.jpg21-Aug-2017A Tau Class Glutathione-S-Transferase is Involved in Trans-Resveratrol Transport Out of Grapevine CellsMartínez Márquez, Ascensión; Martínez Esteso, María José; Vilella Antón, María Teresa, et al
Restricted access2016_Sierras_etal_ActaHortic.pdf.jpg2016Understanding the effect of amino acids based biostimulant by an enantiomeric analysis of their active principles and a proteomic profiling approachSierras, Núria; Botta-Català, Anna; Staasing, L., et al