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Restricted access2013_Puertolas_etal_Adsorption_final.pdf.jpgApr-2013Abatement of hydrocarbons by acid ZSM-5 and BETA zeolites under cold-start conditionsPuértolas Lacambra, Begoña; López, José Manuel; Navarro, María Victoria, et al
Open access2013_Salinas_etal_EA.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2013Asymmetric hybrid capacitors based on activated carbon and activated carbon fibre–PANI electrodesSalinas-Torres, David; Sieben, Juan Manuel; Lozano-Castello, Dolores, et al
Restricted access2013_Navlani_etal_ChemSusChem.pdf.jpgAug-2013BETA Zeolite Thin Films Supported on Honeycomb Monoliths with Tunable Properties as Hydrocarbon Traps under Cold-Start ConditionsNavlani-García, Miriam; Varela Gandía, Francisco José; Bueno López, Agustín, et al
Open access2015_Miguel-Garcia_etal_CEJ_final.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2015Capillary microreactors based on hierarchical SiO2 monoliths incorporating noble metal nanoparticles for the Preferential Oxidation of COMiguel García, Izaskun; Navlani-García, Miriam; García Aguilar, Jaime, et al
Restricted accesscarbon-ceramic.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2007Carbon–ceramic composites for enzyme immobilizationLathouder, Karen de; Lozano-Castello, Dolores; Linares-Solano, Angel, et al
Restricted access2015_Leyva_etal_Carbon_final.pdf.jpgAug-2015Characterization of a zeolite-templated carbon by electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance and in situ Raman spectroscopyLeyva García, Sarai; Nueangnoraj, Khanin; Lozano-Castello, Dolores, et al
Restricted accessCarbon 44 (2006) 2642–2651.pdf.jpg19-May-2006Chemical and electrochemical characterization of porous carbon materialsBleda Martínez, María Jesús; Lozano-Castello, Dolores; Morallon, Emilia, et al
Open access2019_Grzybek_etal_JPhysChemC_final.pdf.jpg8-Jul-2019CO-PROX Reaction over Co3O4|Al2O3 Catalysts—Impact of the Spinel Active Phase Faceting on the Catalytic PerformanceGrzybek, Gabriela; Ciura, Klaudia; Gryboś, Joanna, et al
Open access2013_Navlani_etal_ES&T_final.pdf.jpg1-May-2013CuH-ZSM-5 as Hydrocarbon Trap under Cold Start ConditionsNavlani-García, Miriam; Puértolas Lacambra, Begoña; Lozano-Castello, Dolores, et al
Open access2016_Davo_etal_CatalSciTechnol.pdf.jpg11-Apr-2016CuO/cryptomelane catalyst for preferential oxidation of CO in the presence of H2: deactivation and regenerationDavó-Quiñonero, Arantxa; Navlani-García, Miriam; Lozano-Castello, Dolores, et al
Restricted accessCardenas-Arenas_etal_2020_ApplMatToday_final.pdf.jpgJun-2020Design of active sites in Ni/CeO2 catalysts for the methanation of CO2: tailoring the Ni-CeO2 contactCárdenas-Arenas, Andrea; Quindimil, Adrián; Davó-Quiñonero, Arantxa, et al
Open access2019_Chaparro-Garnica_etal_ACSApplMaterInterfaces_final.pdf.jpg19-Sep-2019Design of Monolithic Supports by 3D Printing for Its Application in the Preferential Oxidation of CO (CO-PrOx)Chaparro-Garnica, Cristian Yesid; Davó-Quiñonero, Arantxa; Bailón-García, Esther, et al
Open accessMemories-Xarxes-I3CE-2018-19-116.pdf.jpg2019Detección y estimulación temprana de la vocación científica en QuímicaBueno López, Agustín; Lozano-Castello, Dolores; Bueno Ferrer, Carmen, et al
Open access2014_Hernandez_etal_ChemPapers_final.pdf.jpgSep-2014Diesel soot combustion catalysts: review of active phasesHernández Giménez, Ana M.; Lozano-Castello, Dolores; Bueno López, Agustín
Open access2014_Hernandez-Gimenez_etal_ACBE.pdf.jpg27-Apr-2014Effect of CO2, H2O and SO2 in the ceria-catalyzed combustion of soot under simulated diesel exhaust conditionsHernández Giménez, Ana M.; Lozano-Castello, Dolores; Bueno López, Agustín
EmbargoedQuindimill_etal_2020_CatTod_final.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2020Effect of metal loading on the CO2 methanation: A comparison between alumina supported Ni and Ru catalystsQuindimil, Adrián; De-La-Torre, Unai; Pereda-Ayo, Beñat, et al
Restricted access2014_Godino_etal_MatChemPhys_final.pdf.jpg14-Feb-2014Effect of the surface chemical groups of activated carbons on their surface adsorptivity to aromatic adsorbates based on π-π interactionsGodino-Salido, M. Luz; López-Garzón, Rafael; Gutiérrez-Valero, María D., et al
Open access2015_Salinas_etal_JMCA_final.pdf.jpg18-Jun-2015Electrochemical behaviour of activated carbons obtained via hydrothermal carbonizationSalinas-Torres, David; Lozano-Castello, Dolores; Titirici, Maria-Magdalena, et al
Restricted access2016_Leyva_etal_JPowSour_final.pdf.jpg30-Dec-2016Electrochemical performance of a superporous activated carbon in ionic liquid-based electrolytesLeyva García, Sarai; Lozano-Castello, Dolores; Morallon, Emilia, et al
Embargoed2020_Sellers-Anton_etal_EnvironSciTechnol_final.pdf.jpg16-Jan-2020Enhancement of the Generation and Transfer of Active Oxygen in Ni/CeO2 Catalysts for Soot Combustion by Controlling the Ni–Ceria Contact and the Three-Dimensional StructureSellers Antón, Begoña; Bailón-García, Esther; Cárdenas-Arenas, Andrea, et al