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Restricted accessCholine_acetyltransferase.pdf.jpg31-Dec-2002Choline acetyltransferase is expressed by non-starburst amacrine cells in the ground squirrel retinaCuenca, Nicolás; Deng, Ping; Linberg, Ken A., et al
Restricted accessBrain_Research_turtle_retina.pdf.jpg22-Aug-2000Choline acetyltransferase is found in terminals of horizontal cells that label with GABA, nitric oxide synthase and calcium binding proteins in the turtle retinaCuenca, Nicolás; Haverkamp, Silke; Kolb, Helga
Restricted accessCircuitry_Role_Substance.pdf.jpg20-Apr-1998Circuitry and role of substance P-immunoreactive neurons in the primate retinaCuenca, Nicolás; Kolb, Helga
Open accesscat_retina.pdf.jpgFeb-1990Development of morphological types and distribution patterns of amacrine cells immunoreactive to tyrosine hydroxylase in the cat retinaWang, Hou-Hua; Cuenca, Nicolás; Kolb, Helga
Restricted accesseNOS.pdf.jpg1-Apr-1999Endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) is localized to Müller cells in all vertebrate retinasHaverkamp, Silke; Kolb, Helga; Cuenca, Nicolás
Open access1243.pdf.jpgJun-1998The localization of guanylyl cyclase-activating proteins in the mammalian retinaCuenca, Nicolás; López Tomás, Salvador; Howes, Kim, et al
Restricted accessCalretinin_Immunoreactive.pdf.jpg7-May-2001Localization of neurotransmitters and calcium binding proteins to neurons of salamander and mudpuppy retinasDeng, Ping; Cuenca, Nicolás; Doerr, Terry, et al
Restricted accessturtle_retina.pdf.jpg24-Aug-2000Morphological and neurochemical diversity of neuronal nitric oxide synthase-positive amacrine cells in the turtle retinaHaverkamp, Silke; Kolb, Helga; Cuenca, Nicolás
Restricted accessground_squirrel_retina.pdf.jpg2002The neurons of the ground squirrel retina as revealed by immunostains for calcium binding proteins and neurotransmittersCuenca, Nicolás; Deng, Ping; Linberg, Ken A., et al
Restricted accessCalretinin_Immunoreactive.pdf.jpg8-Oct-2002A new look at calretinin-immunoreactive amacrine cell types in the monkey retinaKolb, Helga; Zhang, Li; Dekorver, Laura, et al
Open accessSubstance_P.pdf.jpg1995Substance P: a neurotransmitter of amacrine and ganglion cells in the vertebrate retinaKolb, Helga; Fernández Jover, Eduardo; Ammermüller, J., et al