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Open accessJHSE_14_Proc1_04.pdf.jpg2019Athlete’s motivations from different regions of Portugal for the practice of athletics as a federated sportSerrano, João; Martins, Luis; Batista, Marco, et al
Open accessJHSE_14_Proc1_05.pdf.jpg2019Attention in physical education classes: Differences between different individual modalitiesSantos, Jorge; Maia, Luís; Petrica, João, et al
Open accessJHSE_14_Proc1_06.pdf.jpg2019Effects of swimming and water walking on body composition and spirometric values in young childrenHonório, Samuel; Mendes, Pedro Duarte Mendes; Batista, Marco, et al
Open accessjhse_Vol_10_N_3_815-826.pdf.jpg2015Influence of sociological aspects on the level of physical activity in physical education studentsMartins, Júlio; Torres, Bruno; Cardoso, João, et al
Open accessJHSE_13_Proc2_18.pdf.jpg2018Leadership in sport: Study with futsal coaches in “Under 17” and senior levelsHonório, Samuel; Batista, Marco; Serrano, João, et al
Open accessjhse_Vol_9_N_2_645-655.pdf.jpg2014Longitudinal study of physical fitness levels, BMI and childhood obesity in school contextMartins, Júlio; Honório, Samuel; Costa, Aldo M., et al
Open accessJHSE_14_Proc1_03.pdf.jpg2019Practice motivation and life satisfaction of athletes of team sports: Comparative study between adapted and regular sportBatista, Marco; Lercas, Afonso; Santos, Jorge, et al
Open accessjhse_Vol_11_N_2_297-310.pdf.jpg2016The practice of physical activity related to self-esteem and academical performance in students of basic educationBatista, Marco; Cubo, Delgado Sixto; Honório, Samuel, et al
Open accessjhse_Vol_VII_N_II_573-580.pdf.jpgJul-2012The influence of fat mass percentage, EK functional motor scale and age in children with Duchenne muscular dystrophyHonório, Samuel; Batista, Marco; Martins, Júlio