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Open access2020_Yeste_etal_ChemEngJ_final.pdf.jpg15-Jan-2020Catalytic activity of Cu and Co supported on ceria-yttria-zirconia oxides for the diesel soot combustion reaction in the presence of NOxYeste, María Pilar; Cauqui, Miguel Ángel; Giménez-Mañogil, Javier, et al
Open access2015_Quiles_etal_RSC-Advances_final.pdf.jpg2-Feb-2015Catalytic performance of CuO/Ce0.8Zr0.2O2 loaded onto SiC-DPF in NOx-assisted combustion of diesel sootQuiles-Díaz, Susana; Giménez-Mañogil, Javier; Garcia-Garcia, Avelina
Restricted access2017_Gimenez_etal_TopCatal_final.pdf.jpgFeb-2017Catalyzed Particulate Filter Regeneration by Platinum Versus Noble Metal-Free Catalysts: From Principles to Real ApplicationGiménez-Mañogil, Javier; Quiles-Díaz, Susana; Guillén Hurtado, Noelia, et al
Restricted accessMartinez-Munuera_etal_2020_ApplSurfaceSci_final.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2020Ceria-based catalysts for NOx removal in NSR processes: A fundamental study of the catalyst modifications explored by in situ techniquesMartínez-Munuera, Juan Carlos; Giménez-Mañogil, Javier; Castoldi, Lidia, et al
Open access2016_Gimenez_etal_TopCatal_final.pdf.jpgJul-2016Ceria-Praseodymia Mixed Oxides: Relationships Between Redox Properties and Catalytic Activities Towards NO Oxidation to NO2 and CO-PROX ReactionsGiménez-Mañogil, Javier; Guillén Hurtado, Noelia; Fernández-García, Susana, et al
Open accesstesis_javier_antonio_gimenez_mañogil.pdf.jpg2017Desarrollo de catalizadores basados en Cu/ceria-zirconia para la combustión de carbonilla y eliminación de NOx en motores diéselGiménez-Mañogil, Javier
Restricted access2017_Gimenez_Garcia_ApplCatA_final.pdf.jpg25-Jul-2017Identifying the nature of the copper entities over ceria-based supports to promote diesel soot combustion: Synergistic effectsGiménez-Mañogil, Javier; Garcia-Garcia, Avelina
Open access2019_Schoneborn_etal_Materials.pdf.jpg2-Jul-2019Improved NOx Storage/Release Properties of Ceria-Based Lean NOx Trap Compositions with MnOx ModificationSchöneborn, Marcos; Harmening, Thomas; Giménez-Mañogil, Javier, et al
Open access2019_Martinez-Munuera_etal_ApplCatB_final.pdf.jpg15-May-2019Lattice oxygen activity in ceria-praseodymia mixed oxides for soot oxidation in catalysed Gasoline Particle FiltersMartínez-Munuera, Juan Carlos; Zoccoli, M.; Giménez-Mañogil, Javier, et al
Restricted access2019_Gimenez-Manogil_etal_TopCatal_final.pdf.jpgFeb-2019NOx Adsorption Over Ce/Zr-Based Catalysts Doped with Cu and BaGiménez-Mañogil, Javier; Martínez-Munuera, Juan Carlos; Matarrese, Roberto, et al
Open access2015_Gimenez_Garcia_FPT_preprint.pdf.jpgJan-2015Opportunities for ceria-based mixed oxides versus commercial platinum-based catalysts in the soot combustion reaction. Mechanistic implicationsGiménez-Mañogil, Javier; Garcia-Garcia, Avelina
Open access2016_Gebretsadik_etal_CatalSciTechnol.pdf.jpg2016Potential of Cu–saponite catalysts for soot combustionGebretsadik, Fiseha Bogale; Cesteros Fernández, Yolanda; Salagre Carnero, Pilar, et al
Restricted access2014_Gimenez_etal_APCATB.pdf.jpg22-Jan-2014Preparation, characterisation and testing of CuO/Ce0.8Zr0.2O2 catalysts for NO oxidation to NO2 and mild temperature diesel soot combustionGiménez-Mañogil, Javier; Bueno López, Agustín; Garcia-Garcia, Avelina
Open access2020_Guillen-Hurtado_etal_ApplCatA_final.pdf.jpg25-Jan-2020Study of Ce/Pr ratio in ceria-praseodymia catalysts for soot combustion under different atmospheresGuillén Hurtado, Noelia; Giménez-Mañogil, Javier; Martínez-Munuera, Juan Carlos, et al