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Open access2018_Garcia-Flores_etal_FoodFunct_accepted.pdf.jpg22-Nov-2017Aronia–citrus juice (polyphenol-rich juice) intake and elite triathlon training: a lipidomic approach using representative oxylipins in urineGarcía-Flores, Libia Alejandra; Medina, Sonia; Gómez, Cristina, et al
Open accessAssessment_of_oxidative_stress_markers_and_prostaglandins_after_chronic_training_of_triathletes.pdf.jpg21-Jul-2012Assessment of oxidative stress markers and prostaglandins after chronic training of triathletesMedina Escudero, Sonia; Domínguez Perles, Raúl; Cejuela Anta, Roberto, et al
Open access2015_Garcia-Flores_etal_FreeRadicalRes_accepted.pdf.jpg2015Assessment oxidative stress biomarkers –neuroprostanes and dihomo-isoprostanes- in elite triathletes urine after two weeks of moderate altitude trainingGarcía-Flores, Libia Alejandra; Medina, Sonia; Cejuela Anta, Roberto, et al
Open access2013_Rodriguez-Hernandez_etal_MJCCE.pdf.jpg2013Broccoli isothiocyanate content and in vitro availability according to variety and originRodríguez Hernández, María del Carmen; Medina, Sonia; Gil-Izquierdo, Ángel, et al
Open access2017_Martinez-Sanz_etal_Nutrients.pdf.jpg8-Nov-2017Current Status of Legislation on Dietary Products for Sportspeople in a European FrameworkMartínez Sanz, José Miguel; Sospedra, Isabel; Baladia, Eduard, et al
Open access2016_Garcia-Flores_etal_FoodFunct_final.pdf.jpg17-Mar-2016DNA catabolites in triathletes: effects of supplementation with an aronia–citrus juice (polyphenols-rich juice)García-Flores, Libia A.; Medina, Sonia; Cejuela Anta, Roberto, et al
Open access2015_Villano_etal_FreeRadicalRes_final.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2015Effect of elite physical exercise by triathletes on seven catabolites of DNA oxidationVillaño, Débora; Vilaplana, Cristina; Medina, Sonia, et al
Open access2015_Urdampilleta_etal_NutrHosp.pdf.jpg2015Hydration and chemical ingredients in sport drinks: food safety in the European contextUrdampilleta, Aritz; Gómez-Zorita, Saioa; Soriano, José M., et al
Open access2017_Martinez-Sanz_etal_Nutrients.pdf.jpg4-Oct-2017Intended or Unintended Doping? A Review of the Presence of Doping Substances in Dietary Supplements Used in SportsMartínez Sanz, José Miguel; Sospedra, Isabel; Mañas Ortiz, Christian, et al
Open access2016_Garcia-Flores_etal_FoodFunct_final.pdf.jpg30-Aug-2016Lipidomic approach in young adult triathletes: effect of supplementation with a polyphenols-rich juice on neuroprostane and F2-dihomo-isoprostane markersGarcía-Flores, Libia Alejandra; Medina, Sonia; Oger, Camille, et al
Open access2015_Gomez-Torres_etal_RB&E.pdf.jpg9-Nov-2015Metabolites involved in cellular communication among human cumulus-oocyte-complex and sperm during in vitro fertilizationGómez-Torres, María José; García Hernández, Eva María; Guerrero, Jaime, et al
Restricted accessPhysical_activity_increases_the_bioavailability.pdf.jpg25-Jul-2012Physical activity increases the bioavailability of flavanones after dietary aronia-citrus juice intake in triathletesMedina Escudero, Sonia; Domínguez Perles, Raúl; García Viguera, Cristina, et al
Open access2016_Villano_etal_Molecules.pdf.jpg8-Oct-2016Relationship between the Ingestion of a Polyphenol-Rich Drink, Hepcidin Hormone, and Long-Term TrainingVillaño Valencia, Débora; Vilaplana, Cristina; Medina, Sonia, et al
Open access2018_Martinez-Sanz_etal_RevEspNutrHumDiet.pdf.jpg6-Oct-2018¿Todo mejora el rendimiento deportivo? Lagunas legales de los suplementos ergonutricionalesMartínez Sanz, José Miguel; Sospedra, Isabel; Norte, Aurora, et al