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Open accessPolymers_v9_n7_art00298_2017.pdf.jpg21-Jul-2017Additives Type Schiff’s Base as Modifiers of the Optical Response in Holographic Polymer-Dispersed Liquid CrystalsFenoll Gambín, Sandra; Navarro-Fuster, Víctor; Ortuño, Manuel, et al
Open accessSPIE_vol9889_art988922_2016.pdf.jpg27-Apr-2016Analysis of holographic data storage using a PA-LCoS deviceMartínez Guardiola, Francisco Javier; Márquez, Andrés; Gallego, Sergi, et al
Open accessEMN-Meeting-of-Photonics_Barcelona_2016.pdf.jpg19-Sep-2016Application of PA-LCoS Modulators in Multilevel Phase Elements and in Holographic Data StorageMartínez Guardiola, Francisco Javier; Márquez, Andrés; Gallego, Sergi, et al
Open accessOMEX_v6_n6_pp_3455-3468_2016.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2016Dimensional changes in slanted diffraction gratings recorded in photopolymersFernandez, Roberto; Gallego, Sergi; Navarro-Fuster, Víctor, et al
Open accessWIO2016-Effective-modeling-Marquez-15thWIO-IEEE-2016.pdf.jpg17-Nov-2016Effective modeling of PA-LCoS devices and application in data storage in photopolymersMárquez, Andrés; Martínez Guardiola, Francisco Javier; Fernandez, Roberto, et al
Open accessSPIE_vol9889_art988908_2016.pdf.jpg27-Apr-2016Efficient split eld FDTD analysis of third-order nonlinear materials in two-dimensionally periodic mediaFrancés, Jorge; Bleda, Sergio; Bej, Subhajit, et al
Open access2019_Fenoll_etal_Polymers.pdf.jpg13-Feb-2019Holographic Characteristics of Photopolymers Containing Different Mixtures of Nematic Liquid CrystalsFenoll Gambín, Sandra; Brocal, Francisco; Segura, José David, et al
Open accessSPIE_v9970_art997019_2016.pdf.jpg14-Sep-2016Influence of the spatial frequency on the diffractive optical elements fabrication in PDLCsFernandez, Roberto; Fenoll Gambín, Sandra; Gallego, Sergi, et al
Open accessXIV-Congreso-Materiales-Gijon-junio-2016.pdf.jpg8-Jun-2016Parámetros que modifican la intensidad de corriente eléctrica en materiales compuestos H-PDLCFenoll Gambín, Sandra; Ortuño, Manuel; Gallego, Sergi, et al