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Open accessÁlvarez et al. 2004 JBC.pdf.jpg21-May-200415-Deoxy-Δ12,14-prostaglandin J2 induces heme oxygenase-1 gene expression in a reactive oxygen species-dependent manner in human lymphocytesÁlvarez Maqueda, Moisés; El Bekay, Rajaa; Alba Jiménez, Gonzalo, et al
Restricted accessAlba_et_al._2012_J._Endocrinol..pdf.jpgSep-2012Calcineurin expression and activity is regulated by the intracellular redox status and under hypertension in human neutrophilsAlba Jiménez, Gonzalo; Santa María Pérez, Consuelo; Reyes Quiroz, María Edith, et al
Open accessVega et al. 2007 J Cell Sci.pdf.jpgJul-2007Expression of the transcription factor NFAT2 in human neutrophils: IgE-dependent, Ca2+- and calcineurin-mediated NFAT2 activationVega Rioja, Antonio; Chacón Fernández, Pedro; Monteseirín Mateo, Javier, et al
Restricted accessÁlvarez 2004 Atherosclerosis.pdf.jpgFeb-2004Homocysteine enhances superoxide anion release and NADPH oxidase assembly by human neutrophils: effects on MAPK activation and neutrophil migrationÁlvarez Maqueda, Moisés; El Bekay, Rajaa; Monteseirín Mateo, Javier, et al
Restricted accessEl Bekay et al. 2003 Blood.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2003Oxidative stress is a critical mediator of the angiotensin II signal in human neutrophils: involvement of mitogen-activated protein kinase, calcineurin, and the transcription factor NF-κBEl Bekay, Rajaa; Álvarez Maqueda, Moisés; Monteseirín Mateo, Javier, et al
Open accessCarballo et al. 1999 JBC(2).pdf.jpg18-Jun-1999Oxidative stress triggers STAT3 tyrosine phosphorylation and nuclear translocation in human lymphocytesCarballo Álvarez, Modesto; Conde, Manuel; El Bekay, Rajaa, et al
Open accessEl Bekay 2007 J Mol Endocr..pdf.jpgNov-2007Rac2 GTPase activation by angiotensin II is modulated by Ca2+/calcineurin and mitogen-activated protein kinases in human neutrophilsEl Bekay, Rajaa; Alba Jiménez, Gonzalo; Reyes Quiroz, María Edith, et al