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Restricted accessCo-inheritance of multiple common genetic.pdf.jpgMar-2011Co-inheritance of multiple common genetic variants at TGFBR1 gene as a risk factor for sporadic colorectal cancerMartínez-Cantó, Ana; Castillejo, Adela; Mata Balaguer, Trinidad, et al
Restricted accessGut 2011.pdf.jpg25-Aug-2011Comparison between universal molecular screening for Lynch syndrome and revised Bethesda guidelines in a large population-based cohort of patients with colorectal cancerPérez-Carbonell, Lucía; Ruiz-Ponte, Clara; Guarinos, Carla, et al
Open accessTuells_etal_2022_Vaccines.pdf.jpg25-Mar-2022Detection of Neutralizing Antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 Post-Vaccination in Health Care Workers of a Large Tertiary Hospital in Spain by Using a Rapid Test LFIC and sVNT-ELISATuells, José; Parra Grande, Mónica; Santos-Calle, Francisco J., et al
Restricted accessEpcam.pdf.jpg6-Nov-2010EPCAM germ line deletions as causes of Lynch Syndrome in Spanish patientsGuarinos, Carla; Castillejo, Adela; Barberá, Víctor Manuel, et al
Open accessBMC Medical Genetics.pdf.jpg19-Jan-2011Evidence for classification of c.1852_1853AA>GC in MLH1 as a neutral variant for Lynch syndromeCastillejo, Adela; Guarinos, Carla; Martínez-Cantó, Ana, et al
Open accessTuells_etal_2021_AnRANM.pdf.jpg2021La formación en vacunología de los estudiantes de medicina españolesTuells, José; Egoavil, Cecilia; Hoz Tuells, Enrique, et al
Open accessVicente-Alcalde_etal_2020_IntJEnvironResPublicHealth.pdf.jpg31-Oct-2020Immunization Coverage of Inmates in Spanish PrisonsVicente-Alcalde, Nancy; Tuells, José; Egoavil, Cecilia, et al
Open accessTuells_etal_2021_IntJEnvironResPublicHealth.pdf.jpg24-Mar-2021Knowledge, Attitudes, and Sources of Information on Vaccines in Spanish Nursing Students: A Cross-Sectional StudyTuells, José; Egoavil, Cecilia; Morales-Moreno, Isabel, et al
Open access2013_Egoavil_etal_PLoS_ONE.pdf.jpg7-Nov-2013Prevalence of Lynch Syndrome among Patients with Newly Diagnosed Endometrial CancersEgoavil, Cecilia; Alenda, Cristina; Castillejo, Adela, et al
Restricted access2015_Castillejo_etal_JMedGenet_final.pdf.jpg23-Apr-2015Prevalence of MLH1 constitutional epimutations as a cause of Lynch syndrome in unselected versus selected consecutive series of patients with colorectal cancerCastillejo, Adela; Hernández Illán, Eva; Rodríguez-Soler, María, et al
Open accesstesis_cecilia_magdalena_egoavil_rojas.pdf.jpg2017Prevalencia del Síndrome de Lynch en Pacientes con Cáncer de Endometrio no SeleccionadoEgoavil, Cecilia
Open accessTuells_etal_2021_IntJEnvironResPublicHealth.pdf.jpg16-Feb-2021Seroprevalence Study and Cross-Sectional Survey on COVID-19 for a Plan to Reopen the University of Alicante (Spain)Tuells, José; Egoavil, Cecilia; Pena Pardo, María Angeles, et al
Open access2012_Martinez-Canto_etal_PLoS-ONE.pdf.jpg23-Jan-2012TGFBR1 intralocus epistatic interaction as a risk factor for colorectal cancerMartínez-Cantó, Ana; Catillejo, Adela; Mata Balaguer, Trinidad, et al
Open access2020_Egoavil_etal_Vaccines.pdf.jpg2-Mar-2020Trends of Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) Reports of Human Papillomavirus Vaccine in the Valencian Community—Spain (2008–2018)Egoavil, Cecilia; Tuells, José; Carreras, Juan José, et al