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Restricted accessVectorial morphological reconstruction.pdf.jpgDec-2004Vectorial morphological reconstruction for brightness elimination in colour imagesOrtiz Zamora, Francisco Gabriel; Torres, Fernando
Open accessVergence Control System for Stereo Depth Recovery.PDF.jpg1999Vergence control system for stereo depth recoveryJiménez García, Luis Miguel; Reinoso García, Óscar; Aracil Santonja, Rafael, et al
Open accessArticuloEscape.pdf.jpg2008Virtual and remote laboratory for robotics e-learningJara, Carlos A.; Candelas-Herías, Francisco A.; Torres, Fernando
Restricted accessCompIndJPomares.pdf.jpgSep-2004Virtual disassembly of products based on geometric modelsPomares, Jorge; Puente Méndez, Santiago T.; Torres, Fernando, et al
Restricted accessCandelasA-A_Virtual_Laboratory_For_Teaching_Robotics-IJEE19-3.pdf.jpg2003A virtual laboratory for teaching roboticsCandelas-Herías, Francisco A.; Puente Méndez, Santiago T.; Torres, Fernando, et al
Open accessCandelasPI-Virtual_remote_laboratories-IFAC-IBCE04.pdf.jpg30-Oct-2007Virtual remote laboratory for teaching of computer vision and robotics in the University of AlicanteCandelas-Herías, Francisco A.; Gil, Pablo; Torres, Fernando, et al
Open access2019_Puente_etal_Robotics.pdf.jpg16-Sep-2019Virtualization of Robotic Hands Using Mobile DevicesPuente Méndez, Santiago T.; Mas Lillo, Lucía; Torres, Fernando, et al
Open access2018_Ubeda_etal_Sensors.pdf.jpg20-Jul-2018A Vision-Driven Collaborative Robotic Grasping System Tele-Operated by Surface ElectromyographyÚbeda, Andrés; Zapata-Impata, Brayan S.; Puente Méndez, Santiago T., et al
Open accessrss-2019.pdf.jpg23-Jun-2019vision2tactile: Feeling Touch by SightZapata-Impata, Brayan S.; Gil, Pablo; Torres, Fernando
Open accessEPAV2003.pdf.jpg2003VISUAL : herramienta para la enseñanza práctica de la visión artificialGil, Pablo; Pomares, Jorge; Puente Méndez, Santiago T., et al
Open accesssensors-10-07303.pdf.jpg4-Aug-2010Visual control of robots using range imagesPomares, Jorge; Gil, Pablo; Torres, Fernando
Open access2016_Mateo_etal_IntJAdvManufTechnol_final.pdf.jpgApr-2016Visual perception for the 3D recognition of geometric pieces in robotic manipulationMateo Agulló, Carlos; Gil, Pablo; Torres, Fernando
Open accessICAR2003JPomares.pdf.jpg6-Dec-2007Visual servoing and force control fusion for complex insertion tasksPomares, Jorge; Torres, Fernando; Gil, Pablo
Open accessMF-000124_Proceedings.pdf.jpgApr-2009Visual servoing path tracking for safe human-robot interactionGarcia, Gabriel J.; Corrales Ramón, Juan Antonio; Pomares, Jorge, et al
Open accessetfa06JPomares.pdf.jpg2006Visual – force control and structured light fusion to improve recognition of discontinuities in surfacesPomares, Jorge; Gil, Pablo; Garcia, Gabriel J., et al
Restricted access2016_Gil_etal_Visual-Tactile-sensing_final.pdf.jpg2016Visual/Tactile sensing to monitor grasps with robot-hand for planar elastic objectsGil, Pablo; Mateo Agulló, Carlos; Delgado Rodríguez, Ángel, et al
Open access2013_Gil_etal_IJEE.pdf.jpg2013Web-based OERs in Computer NetworksGil, Pablo; Candelas-Herías, Francisco A.; Jara, Carlos A., et al