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Open accessBoni_etal_2022_Land.pdf.jpg14-May-2022Stakeholders’ Perspective on Groundwater Management in Four Water-Stressed Mediterranean Areas: Priorities and ChallengesBonì, Roberta; Teatini, Pietro; Zoccarato, Claudia, et al
Open access2014_Sanabria_etal_NatHazardsEarthSystSci.pdf.jpg27-May-2014Subsidence activity maps derived from DInSAR data: Orihuela case studySanabria, Margarita; Guardiola-Albert, Carolina; Tomás, Roberto, et al
Open access2012_Tomas_etal_StructuralHealthMonitoring_final.pdf.jpg2012Subsidence damage assessment of a Gothic church using differential interferometry and field dataTomás, Roberto; Garcia-Barba, Javier; Cano, Miguel, et al
Open access199932-267500-1-PB.pdf.jpg2009Subsidencia del terrenoTomás, Roberto; Herrera García, Gerardo; Delgado, Jose, et al
Open accessT5.pdf.jpg2005Técnicas de Ingeniería Cartográfica empleadas en el estudio de subsidencia y movimientos de ladera: principales características y análisis comparativoTomás, Roberto; Delgado, Jose; Lopez-Sanchez, Juan M.
Restricted access2013_Brotons_etal_EG_final.pdf.jpg17-Dec-2013Temperature influence on the physical and mechanical properties of a porous rock: San Julian's calcareniteBrotons, Vicente; Tomás, Roberto; Ivorra, Salvador, et al
Open accessMartiinez-Ibanez_etal_2020_RockMechRockEng_final.pdf.jpg28-Oct-2020Temperature-Induced Explosive Behaviour and Thermo-Chemical Damage on Pyrite-Bearing Limestones: Causes and MechanismsMartínez-Ibáñez, Víctor; Benavente, David; Hidalgo Signes, Carlos, et al
Open accessTomas_etal_2021_JBuildEng.pdf.jpg9-Jun-2021Thermal effect of high temperatures on the physical and mechanical properties of a granite used in the UNESCO World Heritage of the north of PortugalTomás, Roberto; Cano, Miguel; Pulgarín Canaval, Luis Fernando, et al
Open accessMartinez-Ibanez_etal_2021_ApplSci.pdf.jpg6-Apr-2021Thermal Effects on the Drilling Performance of a Limestone: Relationships with Physical and Mechanical PropertiesMartínez-Ibáñez, Víctor; Garrido, M. Elvira; Hidalgo Signes, Carlos, et al
Open accessLiu_etal_2021_RemoteSensEnviron_final.pdf.jpg21-Oct-2021Three-dimensional and long-term landslide displacement estimation by fusing C- and L-band SAR observations: A case study in Gongjue County, Tibet, ChinaLiu, Xiaojie; Zhao, Chaoying; Zhang, Qin, et al
Open access2015_Boni_etal_EngGeo_final.pdf.jpg23-Nov-2015Twenty-year advanced DInSAR analysis of severe land subsidence: The Alto Guadalentín Basin (Spain) case studyBonì, Roberta; Herrera García, Gerardo; Meisina, Claudia, et al
Open accessBoni_etal_2020_ProcIAHS.pdf.jpg22-Apr-2020Understanding the dynamic behaviour for the Madrid aquifer (Spain): insights from the integration of A-DInSAR and 3-D groundwater flow and geomechanical modelsBonì, Roberta; Meisina, Claudia; Teatini, Pietro, et al
Open accessDiaz_Tomas_2021_ActaGeotech_final.pdf.jpgMay-2021Upgrading the prediction of jet grouting column diameter using deep learning with an emphasis on high energiesDíaz Castañeda, Esteban; Tomás, Roberto
Open access2018_Diaz_etal_SoilsFound_preprint.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2018Use of artificial neural networks to predict 3-D elastic settlement of foundations on soils with inclined bedrockDíaz Castañeda, Esteban; Brotons, Vicente; Tomás, Roberto
Open access2015_Santamarta_etal_Procedia.pdf.jpg2-Jun-2015Use of Tablet Pcs in Higher Education: A new Strategy for Training Engineers in European Bachelors and Masters ProgrammesSantamarta Cerezal, Juan Carlos; Hernández Gutiérrez, Luis E.; Tomás, Roberto, et al
Open accessGarrido_etal_2021_IOPConfSerEarthEnviron.pdf.jpg2021Using non-destructive testing to assess static elastic modulus of a limestone exposed to high temperaturesGarrido, M. Elvira; Martínez-Ibáñez, Víctor; Hidalgo Signes, Carlos, et al
Restricted access31-Aug-2016Using open-source software for extracting geomechanical parameters of a rock mass from 3D point clouds: Discontinuity set extractor and SMRToolRiquelme, Adrián; Cano, Miguel; Tomás, Roberto, et al
Open access2016_Tomas_etal_Landslides_rev.pdf.jpgJun-2016Using wavelet tools to analyse seasonal variations from InSAR time-series data: a case study of the Huangtupo landslideTomás, Roberto; Li, Zhenhong; Lopez-Sanchez, Juan M., et al
Open accessInvestigacion-e-Innovacion-Educativa-en-Docencia-Universitaria_080.pdf.jpg2016Uso de información digital 3D en la parte práctica de la asignatura Geología Aplicada a la Ingeniería CivilRiquelme, Adrián; Cano, Miguel; Tomás, Roberto, et al
Open accessNavarro-Hernandez_etal_2022_IEEE-JSTARS.pdf.jpg3-May-2022ValInSAR: A Systematic Approach for the Validation of Differential SAR Interferometry in Land Subsidence AreasNavarro-Hernández, María Inés; Valdes-Abellan, Javier; Tomás, Roberto, et al