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Open accessE_JHSE_4_2_2.pdf.jpgJul-2009Biomechanical factors to be taken into account to prevent injuries and improve sporting performance on artificial turfPérez-Soriano, Pedro; Llana Belloch, Salvador; Cortell-Tormo, Juan M., et al
Restricted access2017_Lucas-Cuevas_etal_ResQuatExerciseSport_final.pdf.jpg2017Can Graduated Compressive Stockings Reduce Muscle Activity During Running?Lucas-Cuevas, Ángel Gabriel; Priego Quesada, José Ignacio; Giménez, José Vicente, et al
Open access2013_Lucas-Cuevas_etal_JHK.pdf.jpg5-Jul-2013Effects of different backpack loads in acceleration transmission during recreational distance walkingLucas Cuevas, Ángel G.; Pérez-Soriano, Pedro; Bush, Michael, et al
Restricted access2018_Cortell-Tormo_etal_JBackMusculoskeletRehab_corrected.pdf.jpg6-Feb-2018Effects of functional resistance training on fitness and quality of life in females with chronic nonspecific low-back painCortell-Tormo, Juan M.; Tercedor Sánchez, Pablo; Chulvi Medrano, Iván, et al
Open accessjhse_Vol_10_N_1_150-160.pdf.jpg2015Effects of the exercise in the cerebral blood flow and metabolism. A reviewLucas-Cuevas, Ángel Gabriel; Priego Quesada, José Ignacio; Pérez-Soriano, Pedro, et al
Open access2013_Cortell_etal_ArchBudo.pdf.jpg21-Feb-2013Handgrip strength and hand dimensions in high-level inter-university judoistsCortell-Tormo, Juan M.; Pérez Turpin, José Antonio; Lucas Cuevas, Ángel G., et al
Open accessJHSE_2_2_2.pdf.jpgJul-2007La instrumentación en la biomecánica deportivaPérez-Soriano, Pedro; Llana Belloch, Salvador
Open access2015_Priego_etal_Biol-Sport.pdf.jpg24-Apr-2015Long-term effects of graduated compression stockings on cardiorespiratory performancePriego Quesada, José Ignacio; Lucas Cuevas, Ángel G.; Aparicio, Inmaculada, et al
Open accessjhse_Vol_8_N_IV_925-931.pdf.jpg2013Padel: a quantitative study of the shots and movements in the high-performancePriego Quesada, José Ignacio; Olaso Melis, José; Llana Belloch, Salvador, et al
Open accessJHSE_5_1_10.pdf.jpgJan-2010Playing-related musculoskeletal disorders in woodwind, brass and percussion players: a reviewCebriá i Iranzo, Maria Àngels; Pérez-Soriano, Pedro; Igual Camacho, Celedonia, et al