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Open accessPoster_Test_consistencia.pdf.jpg17-Nov-2014Improving some thermodynamic consistency tests for VLE data evaluationMarcilla, Antonio; Olaya, Maria del Mar; Labarta, Juan A.
Restricted access2013_Beltran_etal_ApplClaySci_final.pdf.jpgOct-2013The influence of surfactant loading level in a montmorillonite on the thermal, mechanical and rheological properties of EVA nanocompositesBeltrán, Maribel; Benavente Domenech, Verónica; Marchante Rodríguez, Verónica, et al
Restricted accessinfluene.pdf.jpg1998Influence of the type of resin in the gelation and fusion processes of PVC plastisolsGarcía Quesada, Juan Carlos; Marcilla, Antonio
Open accessMarcilla_Gomis_Cálculo_por_etapas.pdf.jpg1998Introducción a las operaciones de separación: cálculo por etapas de equilibrioMarcilla, Antonio; Gómez-Siurana, Amparo; García, Angela N., et al
Open accessMarcilla_Gomis_Contacto_continuo.pdf.jpg1999Introducción a las operaciones de separación: contacto continuoMarcilla, Antonio; García, Angela N.; Gómez-Siurana, Amparo, et al
Open access2015_Catala_Marcilla_Sci-Afric.pdf.jpgNov-2015Kinetic Model for Micro Algae Cell Concentration and Size Distribution: Application to Nannochloropsis gaditanaCatalá Esteve, Lucía; Marcilla, Antonio
Restricted access2016_Banon_etal_WasMan_final.pdf.jpgFeb-2016Kinetic model of the thermal pyrolysis of chrome tanned leather treated with NaOH under different conditions using thermogravimetric analysisBañón, Elena; Marcilla, Antonio; García, Angela N., et al
Restricted accessProof_APP_2006_08_2292_TGA_ADC.pdf.jpg20-Sep-2007Kinetic study of the decompositions involved in the thermal degradation of commercial azodicarbonamideLabarta, Juan A.; Marcilla, Antonio
Restricted access2013_Marchante_etal_JAPS_final.pdf.jpg5-Sep-2013Linear low-density polyethylene colored with a nanoclay-based pigment: Morphology and mechanical, thermal, and colorimetric propertiesMarchante Rodríguez, Verónica; Marcilla, Antonio; Benavente Domenech, Verónica, et al
Open accessReferencesList_GUI_ParamIni_LL_NRTL.pdf.jpg30-Mar-2023Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium Data Correlation: Predicting A Robust and Consistent Set of Initial NRTL Parameters (GUI: ParamIni_LL_NRTL)Labarta, Juan A.; Caballero, José A.; Marcilla, Antonio
Restricted accessRUA1_1999.pdf.jpg31-Mar-1999Liquid-liquid-solid equilibria for the quaternary system water + ethanol + 1-pentanol + sodium chloride at 25 °COlaya, Maria del Mar; Marcilla, Antonio; Botella Ramón, Alfredo
Open accessOlaya_etal_2020_IndEngChemRes_final.pdf.jpg6-Apr-2020Liquid–Liquid Equilibrium Data Correlation Using NRTL Model for Different Types of Binary Systems: Upper Critical Solution Temperature, Lower Critical Solution Temperature, and Closed Miscibility LoopsOlaya, Maria del Mar; Carbonell Hermida, Paloma; Trives, Marina, et al
Open accessPoster_Mapping_LVE_LLVE_AijRelations_ExpoQ2014_F3W34.pdf.jpg17-Nov-2014Mapping Binary Liquid-Vapor or Liquid-Liquid-Vapor Equilibria Regions, including the Different Azeotropic Behaviours, as a Function of the NRTL Binary ParametersLabarta, Juan A.; Olaya, Maria del Mar; Marcilla, Antonio
Restricted accessblue_nanopigment_in_LLDPE.pdf.jpg2012Mechanical, thermal and colorimetric properties of LLDPE coloured with a blue nanopigment and conventional blue pigmentsMarchante Rodríguez, Verónica; Martínez-Verdú, Francisco M.; Beltrán, Maribel, et al
Open accessFLUID_8373_press.pdf.jpg2010Methods for improving models for condensed phase equilibrium calculationsMarcilla, Antonio; Olaya, Maria del Mar; Serrano Cayuelas, María Dolores, et al
Open accessSeguridad-Hidrica_2023_73.pdf.jpg2023Modelado cinético del consumo de CO2 para la cepa Spirulina platensisMarcilla, Antonio; Blasco, Inmaculada
Restricted accessFLUID_7854.pdf.jpg25-Mar-2008Modelling liquid–liquid equilibria for island type ternary systemsOlaya, Maria del Mar; Labarta, Juan A.; Velasco, Raúl, et al
Open accessArt_DSC_Mezclas_PM_def.pdf.jpg2000Modelo cinético para curvas de calorimetría diferencial de barrido (DSC): aplicación a diferentes polímeros y mezclasLabarta, Juan A.; Marcilla, Antonio; Sempere Alemany, Francisco Javier
Open accessE_C19_jareyes.pdf.jpgJun-1999Multicomponent extraction: a new method of designLabarta, Juan A.; Olaya, Maria del Mar; Gómez-Siurana, Amparo, et al
Open accessE_C15_jareyes.pdf.jpgOct-1996Multicomponent rectification: a new method of calculationLabarta, Juan A.; Gómez-Siurana, Amparo; Marcilla, Antonio