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Open access2018_de-la-Cruz_etal_Viruses.pdf.jpg6-Mar-2018Deciphering the Human Virome with Single-Virus Genomics and MetagenomicsCruz Peña, Maria Jose de la; Martinez-Hernandez, Francisco; Garcia-Heredia, Inmaculada, et al
Open access2019_Martinez-Hernandez_etal_FrontMicrobiol.pdf.jpg12-Jun-2019Droplet Digital PCR for Estimating Absolute Abundances of Widespread Pelagibacter VirusesMartinez-Hernandez, Francisco; Garcia-Heredia, Inmaculada; Lluesma Gómez, Mónica, et al
Open accessHaro-Moreno_etal_2020_EnvironmMicrobiol.pdf.jpgMay-2020Ecogenomics of the SAR11 cladeHaro‐Moreno, Jose M.; Rodriguez‐Valera, Francisco; Rosselli, Riccardo, et al
Open access2019_Mira-Miralles_etal_Foods.pdf.jpg11-Oct-2019High-Throughput 16S rRNA Sequencing to Assess Potentially Active Bacteria and Foodborne Pathogens: A Case Example in Ready-to-Eat FoodMira Miralles, Marina; Maestre-Carballa, Lucia; Lluesma Gómez, Mónica, et al
Open access2019_Maestre-Carballa_etal_EnvironmMicrobiol_final.pdf.jpgDec-2019Insights into the antibiotic resistance dissemination in a wastewater effluent microbiome: bacteria, viruses and vesicles matterMaestre-Carballa, Lucia; Lluesma Gómez, Mónica; Angla Navarro, Andrea, et al
Open accessKutsyr_etal_2021_SciRep.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2021Retinitis pigmentosa is associated with shifts in the gut microbiomeKutsyr, Oksana; Maestre-Carballa, Lucia; Lluesma Gómez, Mónica, et al
Restricted access2019_Martinez-Hernandez_etal_ISMEJ_final.pdf.jpg18-Sep-2018Single-cell genomics uncover Pelagibacter as the putative host of the extremely abundant uncultured 37-F6 viral population in the oceanMartinez-Hernandez, Francisco; Fornas, Oscar; Lluesma Gómez, Mónica, et al
Open access2017_Martinez-Hernandez_etal_NatureComms.pdf.jpg23-Jun-2017Single-virus genomics reveals hidden cosmopolitan and abundant virusesMartinez-Hernandez, Francisco; Fornas, Oscar; Lluesma Gómez, Mónica, et al