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Acceso abiertoJHSE_14-4_InPress_08.pdf.jpg2019Effects of a smart phone-based game on balance ability and dizziness in healthy adult individualsLee, Donggeon; Han, Chaewon; Lee, Hwakyung; Shin, Doochul
Acceso abiertoJHSE_14-4_InPress_14.pdf.jpg2019The use of dietary supplements among soccer referees: How much do they know?Malaguti, Marco; Scarpino, Michele; Angeloni, Cristina; Hrelia, Silvana
Acceso abiertoJHSE_14-4_InPress_12.pdf.jpg2019Laterality of lower limb and plantar pressure symmetry while walking in young adultsJandová, Soňa
Acceso abiertoJHSE_14-4_InPress_11.pdf.jpg2019Effects of high-intensity interval training while using a breathing-restrictive mask compared to intermittent hypobaric hypoxiaBellovary, Bryanne N.; King, Kelli E.; Nunez, Tony P.; McCormick, James J.; Wells, Andrew D.; Bourbeau, Kelsey C.; Fennel, Zachary J.; Li, Zidong; Johnson, Kelly E.; Moriarty, Terence; Mermier, Christine M.
Acceso abiertoJHSE_14-4_InPress_03.pdf.jpg2019Effects of a strength training program on daily living in women with fibromyalgiaMaestre-Cascales, Cristina; Peinado Lozano, Ana Belén; Rojo González, Jesús Javier
Acceso abiertoJHSE_14-4_InPress_07.pdf.jpg2019Physical education classes improve foot function in high-school students using technological toolsLovecchio, Nicola; Papini, Laura; Codella, Roberto; La Torre, Antonio
Acceso abiertoNAER_8_1_07.pdf.jpg15-ene-2019Incidence of a hypermedia educational material on the Teaching and Learning of MathematicsRío, Laura Sombra del; Sanz, Cecilia Verónica; Búcari, Néstor Daniel
Acceso abiertoNAER_8_1_05.pdf.jpg15-ene-2019Design, Validation, and Application of a Questionnaire on Media Education for Teachers in TrainingMateus, Julio-César; Hernández, Wilson
Acceso abiertoNAER_8_1_08.pdf.jpg15-ene-2019Perception of the Professional Competences of Last Year’s Students of Pre-Primary Education and Primary Education Degrees and Students of Training Teachers MasterPérez Navío, Eufrasio; Medina Domínguez, María; Cachón Zagalaz, Javier
Acceso abiertoNAER_8_1_06.pdf.jpg15-ene-2019Educational Possibilities of Video Games in the Primary Education Stage According to Teachers in Training. A Case StudyMarín-Díaz, Verónica; Morales-Díaz, Marina; Reche-Urbano, Eloísa