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Acceso abiertoSPIE_v5456_p383_2004.pdf.jpg1-sep-2004High-efficiency volume holograms recording on acrylamide and N,N'methylene-bis-acrylamide photopolymer with pulsed laserGallego, Sergi; Ortuño, Manuel; García Llopis, Celia; Neipp, Cristian; Beléndez, Augusto; Pascual, Inmaculada
Acceso abiertoSPIE_v5456_p315_2004.pdf.jpg1-sep-2004Space-variant image processing with volume holographyMárquez, Andrés; Neipp, Cristian; Gallego, Sergi; Ortuño, Manuel; Beléndez, Augusto; Pascual, Inmaculada
Acceso abiertoSPIE_v5456_p256_2004.pdf.jpg1-sep-2004Optimization of a PVA/acrylamide material for the recording of multiple diffraction gratingsOrtuño, Manuel; Gallego, Sergi; Neipp, Cristian; Márquez, Andrés; Beléndez, Augusto; Pascual, Inmaculada
Acceso abiertoOinIS_v15_n1_p10_2004.pdf.jpgfeb-2004High-thickness PVA/acrylamide photopolymers for data storage applicationsOrtuño, Manuel; Gallego, Sergi; Neipp, Cristian; García Llopis, Celia; Márquez, Andrés; Beléndez, Augusto; Pascual, Inmaculada
Acceso abiertoOEx_v10_n23_p1374_2002.pdf.jpg18-nov-2002Experimental evidence of mixed gratings with a phase difference between the phase and amplitude grating in volume hologramsNeipp, Cristian; Pascual, Inmaculada; Beléndez, Augusto
Acceso abiertoOL_v19_n16_p1243_1994.pdf.jpg15-ago-1994Noise gratings in bleached silver halide diffuse-object hologramsFimia Gil, Antonio; Fuentes Rosillo, Rosa; Beléndez, Augusto
Acceso abiertoOL_v19_n18_p1477_1994.pdf.jpg15-sep-1994Axial irradiance for spherically aberrated holographic optical elementsBeléndez, Augusto; Carretero López, Luis; Fimia Gil, Antonio
Acceso abiertoOL_v19_n17_p1355_1994.pdf.jpg1-sep-1994Entropy-based study of imaging quality in holographic optical elementsCarretero López, Luis; Fimia Gil, Antonio; Beléndez, Augusto
Acceso abiertoOL_v26_n11_p786_2001.pdf.jpg1-jun-2001Study of angular responses of mixed amplitude–phase holographic gratings: shifted Borrmann effectCarretero López, Luis; Madrigal Madrigal, Roque Fernando; Fimia Gil, Antonio; Blaya Escarre, Salvador; Beléndez, Augusto
Acceso restringidoOPTIK_v114_n9_p401_2003.pdf.jpg2003Influence of the fringe visibility on the characteristics of holograms recorded in photopolymer materialGallego, Sergi; Ortuño, Manuel; Neipp, Cristian; Beléndez, Augusto; Pascual, Inmaculada