NOx Adsorption Over Ce/Zr-Based Catalysts Doped with Cu and Ba

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dc.contributorMateriales Carbonosos y Medio Ambientees_ES
dc.contributor.authorGiménez-Mañogil, Javier-
dc.contributor.authorMartínez-Munuera, Juan Carlos-
dc.contributor.authorMatarrese, Roberto-
dc.contributor.authorCastoldi, Lidia-
dc.contributor.authorLietti, Luca-
dc.contributor.authorGarcia-Garcia, Avelina-
dc.contributor.otherUniversidad de Alicante. Departamento de Química Inorgánicaes_ES
dc.contributor.otherUniversidad de Alicante. Instituto Universitario de Materialeses_ES
dc.identifier.citationTopics in Catalysis. 2019, 62(1-4): 140-149. doi:10.1007/s11244-018-1130-zes_ES
dc.identifier.issn1022-5528 (Print)-
dc.identifier.issn1572-9028 (Online)-
dc.description.abstractIn this study, Ce/Zr-based materials without noble metals in their formulation have been prepared, characterized and tested in NOx adsorption at different temperatures. In particular, the effect of the presence of Ba and Cu in the catalytic formulation has been investigated. The catalyst characterization shows that the redox properties of the catalysts are enhanced by Cu and inhibited by Ba. Upon interaction with NO/O2, it is found that NOx are stored at low temperatures (150 °C) in the form of nitrites, without any relevant NO oxidation activity. This suggests a direct NO uptake. At higher temperatures (300 °C) a significant NO oxidation activity is observed, that is enhanced by Cu and depressed by Ba. In this case, NOx are stored in the form of nitrates; the samples containing both Ba and Cu exhibits the better performances in terms of NOx adsorption capacity.es_ES
dc.description.sponsorshipThe authors gratefully acknowledge the financial support of Generalitat Valenciana (PROMETEOII/2018/076 project), the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities (CTQ2015-64801-R project) and the UE-FEDER funding. JCMM wishes to thank Spanish Ministry of Education and Professional Training his PhD contract within the FPU programme (Grant No. FPU17/00603).es_ES
dc.publisherSpringer USes_ES
dc.rights© Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature 2019es_ES
dc.subjectCopper specieses_ES
dc.subjectNOx adsorptiones_ES
dc.subject.otherQuímica Inorgánicaes_ES
dc.titleNOx Adsorption Over Ce/Zr-Based Catalysts Doped with Cu and Baes_ES
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