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AccessPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Open accessCSEDU 2010_Proccedings_Reduced.pdf.jpgApr-2010Using Moodle for an automatic individual evaluation of student's learningGil, Pablo; Candelas-Herías, Francisco A.; Pomares, Jorge; Puente Méndez, Santiago T.; Corrales Ramón, Juan Antonio; Jara, Carlos A.; Garcia, Gabriel J.; Torres, Fernando
Open accessmICTE_KIVANS1414-1418.pdf.jpg2009Practical experiments with KivaNS: a virtual laboratory for simulating IP routing in computer networks subjectsCandelas-Herías, Francisco A.; Gil, Pablo
Open accessA new Time.pdf.jpgSep-2007A new time-independent image path tracker to guide robots using visual servoingGarcia, Gabriel J.; Pomares, Jorge; Torres, Fernando
Restricted accessHRI 2008_Hybrid_Tracking.pdf.jpg2008Hybrid tracking of human operators using IMU/UWB data fusion by a Kalman filterCorrales Ramón, Juan Antonio; Candelas-Herías, Francisco A.; Torres, Fernando
Open accessPaper_ISR09_Proc.pdf.jpg2009An augmented reality interface for training robotics through the webJara, Carlos A.; Candelas-Herías, Francisco A.; Fernández, Manuel; Torres, Fernando
Open accessMF-000124_Proceedings.pdf.jpgApr-2009Visual servoing path tracking for safe human-robot interactionGarcia, Gabriel J.; Corrales Ramón, Juan Antonio; Pomares, Jorge; Candelas-Herías, Francisco A.; Torres, Fernando
Open accessSafe HRI based on Hierarchy of BV ICRA2010.pdf.jpgMay-2010Safe human-robot interaction based on a hierarchy of bounding volumesCorrales Ramón, Juan Antonio; Torres, Fernando; Candelas-Herías, Francisco A.
Open accessISR09_Proceedings_Final_Paper.pdf.jpg2009Tracking based on hue-saturation features with a miniaturized active vision systemCorrales Ramón, Juan Antonio; Gil, Pablo; Candelas-Herías, Francisco A.; Torres, Fernando
Open accessVergence Control System for Stereo Depth Recovery.PDF.jpg1999Vergence control system for stereo depth recoveryJiménez García, Luis Miguel; Reinoso García, Óscar; Aracil Santonja, Rafael; Torres, Fernando; Sebastián y Zúñiga, José María
Open accessICRA2005JPomares.pdf.jpg2005Time independent tracking using 2-D movement flow-based visual servoingPomares, Jorge; Torres, Fernando