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Acceso abiertoNAER_7_1_06.pdf.jpg15-ene-2018Game-Based Learning: Increasing the Logical-Mathematical, Naturalistic, and Linguistic Learning Levels of Primary School StudentsMoral Pérez, M. Esther del; Guzmán-Duque, Alba-Patricia; Fernández García, L. Carlota
Acceso abiertoNAER_7_1_01.pdf.jpg15-ene-2018Bullying and cyberbullying: two forms of violence in schoolsPrendes Espinosa, M. Paz
Acceso abiertoNAER_7_1_10.pdf.jpg15-ene-2018Serious play in education for social justice - An exploratory studyWartenweiler, Thomas
Acceso abiertoNAER_7_1_02.pdf.jpg15-ene-2018Considering mindfulness techniques in school-based anti-bullying programmesFoody, Mairéad; Samara, Muthanna
Acceso abiertoNAER_7_1_05.pdf.jpg15-ene-2018Bullying and Cyberbullying in Thailand: Coping Strategies and Relation to Age, Gender, Religion and Victim StatusSittichai, Ruthaychonnee; Smith, Peter K.
Acceso abiertoNAER_7_1_09.pdf.jpg15-ene-2018Analysis of institutional competitiveness of junior high schools through the admission Test to High School EducationArmendáriz, Joyzukey; Tarango, Javier; Machin-Mastromatteo, Juan Daniel
Acceso abiertoNAER_7_1_04.pdf.jpg15-ene-2018The role of empathy in preparing teachers to tackle bullyingMurphy, Helena; Tubritt, John; O’Higgins Norman, James
Acceso abiertoNAER_7_1_03.pdf.jpg15-ene-2018Victims of cyberbullying in the Region of Murcia: a quantitative study with High School studentsGonzález-Calatayud, Victor
Acceso abiertoNAER_7_1_07.pdf.jpg15-ene-2018MOOCs and their Influence on Higher Education Institutions: Perspectives from the InsidersLeón-Urrutia, Manuel; Cobos, Ruth; Dickens, Kate
Acceso abiertoNAER_7_1_08.pdf.jpg15-ene-2018Validity and reliability of a questionnaire on primary and secondary school teachers’ perception of teaching a competence-based curriculum modelGarcía-López, Luis M.; Gutiérrez, David; Pastor, Juan Carlos; Romo, Vicente