Face to Face Educational Program for Active Ageing

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dc.description.abstractEducation Peer to Peer - through personal contact - can be interpreted as a process through which well-trained and motivated facilitators educate participants of (mainly) the same age, social position or have the same ability as the latter, with the aim to further develop parti and knowledge. The emphasis is on understanding of the concept of active ageing, desires and needs of the target group in terms of acquiring new skills and improving physical and mental health. Educational program for active ageing, presented in this publication, is taking place at two levels: a) the classical method (learning in class/group) with guidelines and implementation plan of activities summarized in this publication, and b) distant educational program (virtual classroom), which will be freely available online and thus accessible to the widest number of people.es_ES
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dc.subjectPeer to Peer Support Fostering Active Ageinges_ES
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dc.subjectTraining Programme for elders on active ageinges_ES
dc.subjectE-training programme on active ageinges_ES
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dc.subjectActive Ageinges_ES
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dc.titleFace to Face Educational Program for Active Ageinges_ES
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