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AccessPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Open accessjhse_Vol_11_N_proc1_S267-S278.pdf.jpg2016Assessment of periodization training in soccerRaiola, Gaetano; D'Isanto, Tiziana
Open accessjhse_Vol_11_N_proc1_S259-S266.pdf.jpg2016Descriptive shot analysis in basketballRaiola, Gaetano; D'Isanto, Tiziana
Open accessJHSE_2020_15_Proc3_11.pdf.jpg2020Posture and skeletal muscle disorders of the neck due to the use of smartphonesAliberti, Sara; Invernizzi, Pietro Luigi; Scurati, Raffaele; D'Isanto, Tiziana
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc2_60.pdf.jpg2021Football the performance level of athletes with disabilities for the "fourth category" 7-a-side championshipD'Andrea, Danilo; Scurati, Raffaele; Izzo, Riccardo; Invernizzi, Pietro Luigi; D'Isanto, Tiziana
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc2_54.pdf.jpg2021Disability and inclusion: Swimming to overcome social barriersImparato, Pasquale; Sannicandro, Italo; Izzo, Riccardo; Aliberti, Sara; D'Isanto, Tiziana
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc2_58.pdf.jpg2021Propulsive strength training in wheelchair tennis to improve service responseSalierno, Maria; Esposito, Giovanni; Izzo, Riccardo; Fattore, Simona; D'Isanto, Tiziana
Open accessJHSE_2020_15_Proc4_48.pdf.jpg2020Design and teaching of physical education for children and youthD'Elia, Francesca; Tortella, Patrizia; Sannicandro, Italo; D'Isanto, Tiziana
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc4_29.pdf.jpg2021Soccer differences in order to explosive strength and rapidity among defenders, midfielders and forwards during COVID-19D'Apice, Maria; Iona, Teresa; D'Isanto, Tiziana
Open accessJHSE_14_Proc2_13.pdf.jpg2019Physical and motor tests to estimate the improvement of the float serveAlminni, Ciro; Altavilla, Gaetano; Cassese, Francesco Peluso; Ceciliani, Andrea; D'Isanto, Tiziana
Open accessJHSE_14_Proc2_15.pdf.jpg2019Training and performance in the transition periodD'Elia, Francesca; D'Isanto, Tiziana; Altavilla, Gaetano