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Open accessJHSE_16_Proc2_65.pdf.jpg2021Motor learning for the developmental age in coded spaces and timesCoco, Daniele; Coppola, Roberto; Schembri, Rosaria; Casolo, Francesco
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc2_63.pdf.jpg2021Effects of training fatigue on performanceDi Domenico, Felice; Raiola, Gaetano
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc2_60.pdf.jpg2021Football the performance level of athletes with disabilities for the "fourth category" 7-a-side championshipD'Andrea, Danilo; Scurati, Raffaele; Izzo, Riccardo; Invernizzi, Pietro Luigi; D'Isanto, Tiziana
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc2_67.pdf.jpg2021Effects of meso training cycles on cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency in soccer players from the UNAH-TEC Danlí Regional CentreFigueroa-Soriano, Raúl Orlando; Martínez-Saravia, Nahun David; Gaitan-Amador, Raul Antonio
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc2_61.pdf.jpg2021Outdoor movement education during COVID-19: What kindergarten teachers thinkTortella, Patrizia; Schembri, Rosaria; Coco, Daniele; Lipoma, Mario
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc2_66.pdf.jpg2021Somatotype and body composition as an indicator to determine the role of performance in the men's basketball team in the youth team Del Campo SchoolMenéndez-Amador, Carlos Eduardo; Figueroa-Soriano, Raúl Orlando; Gaitan-Amador, Raul Antonio
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc2_62.pdf.jpg2021Level of physical activity of Peruvian university students during confinementMoreno-Quispe, Luz Arelis; Apaza-Panca, Cynthia Milagros; Tavara-Ramos, Anthony Paul; Mamani-Cornejo, Joyce
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc2_68.pdf.jpg2021Effects of a set of physical exercises to improve conditional capacities in seventh grade students of the Pedro Nufio Technical Vocational InstituteGaitan-Amador, Raul Antonio; Figueroa-Soriano, Raúl Orlando; Martínez-Saravia, Nahun David
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc2_64.pdf.jpg2021Inclusion in physical and sport education for special movement needsD'Elia, Francesca
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc2_47.pdf.jpg2021Effects of black Berberis vulgaris L combined with aerobic and resistance exercise on blood metabolic parameters and liver enzymes in obese ratsTorkamaneh, Sara; Gene-Morales, Javier; Juesas, Alvaro; Flandez, Jorge; Hammami, Raouf; Rafieian-Kopaei, Mahmoud; Colado, Juan C.