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Open accessJHSE_14_Proc3_06.pdf.jpg2019The three dimension model for grassroots sport: An opportunity to transform coaches professional practice with the use of Olympic Values Education Program in Puerto RicoÁlvarez Feliciano, Ramón Luis
Open accessJHSE_14_Proc5_13.pdf.jpg2019Studying tennis theory, methodology and didactics: Laboratory didactics experiments for motor sciencesDavide, Diego; Rosa, Roberta; Tafuri, Domenico
Open accessJHSE_14_Proc5_07.pdf.jpg2019The effect of lactate threshold training on improving the functionality of the lungsMohammed, Zaydon J.; Sadown, Hussain M.; Humaidi, Mohammed H.
Open accessJHSE_14_Proc2_13.pdf.jpg2019Physical and motor tests to estimate the improvement of the float serveAlminni, Ciro; Altavilla, Gaetano; Cassese, Francesco Peluso; Ceciliani, Andrea; D'Isanto, Tiziana
Open accessJHSE_14_Proc2_15.pdf.jpg2019Training and performance in the transition periodD'Elia, Francesca; D'Isanto, Tiziana; Altavilla, Gaetano
Open accessJHSE_14_Proc2_04.pdf.jpg2019Effectiveness of motivational videos for elite swimmers: Subjective and biological evaluationsHagiwara, Goichi; Akiyama, Daisuke; Tsunokawa, Takaaki; Mankyu, Hirotoshi
Open accessJHSE_14_Proc5_04.pdf.jpg2019Building and codification of the emotional equilibrium measure and its relationship with some of the offensive skills of basketball players for the season (2016 – 2017)Hamidi, Ali M.; Motair, Karar A.; Mashaav, Rasol R.
Open accessJHSE_14_Proc5_06.pdf.jpg2019Evaluation of training curriculum in terms of pressure and threshold indexes of for 400m Iraqi national athletics team playersKahdim, Mohammed Jawad; Jewdi, Zedon Jawad Mohamed; Shehab, Ghada Moayed; Hamedi, Mohammed Husain
Open accessJHSE_14_Proc2_16.pdf.jpg2019Proposed exercises and its effects on some kinematic variables and achievement for 800 meters jogging activity for menEssa, Ghafar S.
Open accessJHSE_14_Proc2_11.pdf.jpg2019Pilot study on the testing of Power Glove applied to volleyballFerrara, Federica; Izzo, Riccardo; Ceciliani, Andrea; Di Tore, Alfredo Pio