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Open accessjhse_13_Proc1_06.pdf.jpg2018Created olympic image: The Rio Olympics 2016 from the perspective of international high-quality print mediaRohde, Erik
Open accessjhse_13_Proc1_04.pdf.jpg2018Porto Maravilha: Urban dynamics of a changing tertiary sector after Rio 2016Latuf de Oliveira Sanchez, Renata
Open accessJHSE_13_Proc2_29.pdf.jpg2018The effect of aerobic and anaerobic training with melatonin consumption on the expression of apoptotic genes BAX and BCL2 myocardial in rats after ischemic reperfusionPahlavani, Hamed Alizadeh; Veisi, Ali
Open accessJHSE_13_Proc2_28.pdf.jpg2018Effects of a 12-week-long program of vigorous-intensity physical activity on the body composition of 6-and 7-year-old childrenLópez Sánchez, Guillermo Felipe; Borrego Balsalobre, Francisco José; Díaz Suárez, Arturo; Smith, Lee
Open accessjhse_13_Proc1_10.pdf.jpg2018Rio 2016 Olympics: Urban regeneration and social legacySantos Neto, Silvestre Cirilo dos; Cardoso, Vinícius Denardin; Santos, Thiago; Oliveira, Ailton Fernando Santana de; Terezani, Denis Roberto; Haiachi, Marcelo de Castro
Open accessjhse_13_Proc1_12.pdf.jpg2018The transform project and the geospatial reaching in Brazil: The legacy of the Olympic education in Rio 2016 GamesMeiga Belem, Cristiano; Perovano-Camargo, Leonardo; Tavares da Silva, Otávio Guimarães; Souza Berté, Willian Kéviny
Open accessjhse_13_Proc1_09.pdf.jpg2018Laboratory performance: Doping in Olympic sports and Rio 2016 GamesNascimento, Randeantony C.; Oliveira, Ailton Fernando Santana de; Fernández Romero, Juan J.; Montes Canuto, Sarah Cristina
Open accessjhse_13_Proc1_07.pdf.jpg2018Fame data: The growth of the athletes' official social media profiles in Rio 2016Gaspar Teixeira, Carlos Roberto; Tietzmann, Roberto
Open accessjhse_13_Proc1_05.pdf.jpg2018Center of Physical Education Admiral Adalberto Nunes and the legacy in the Olympic Games "Rio2016"Bueno de Avila, Erik
Open accessJHSE_13_Proc2_14.pdf.jpg2018Autonomous physical activity based program versus aerobic exercise based interventions to improve health and cardiovascular status in sedentary overweight adults: A reviewAlfonso-Rosa, Rosa María; Corral-Pernía, Juan Antonio; Castañeda-Vázquez, Carolina; Pozo-Cruz, Jesús del