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Open accessjhse_Vol_8_N_proc2_85-92.pdf.jpg2013Young adults’ leisure -time habits in the University of AlicanteNagyváradi, Katalin; Ilics, Katalin Bíróné; Kiss-Geosits, Beatrix; Polgár, Tibor
Open accessjhse_Vol_8_N_proc2_120-134.pdf.jpg2013Anthropometric characteristics of the young Czech population and their relationship to the national sports potentialGrasgruber, Pavel; Hrazdíra, Eduard
Open accessjhse_Vol_8_N_proc2_61-71.pdf.jpg2013Researching the aptitude of young volleyball players (children and adolescents)Ilics, Katalin Bíróné; Bakk, Adrienn Baloghné; Suskovics, Csilla
Open accessjhse_Vol_8_N_proc2_30-35.pdf.jpg2013Determination of socio-cultural characteristics on somatic parameter body mass index in Czech adult populationSedlacek, Jaromir; Sebera, Martin; Michalek, Josef; Cacek, Jan
Open accessjhse_Vol_8_N_proc2_141-151.pdf.jpg2013The hot hand phenomenon: measurement issues using golf as an exemplarHeath, Luke; James, Nic; Smart, Leon
Open accessjhse_Vol_8_N_proc2_180-191.pdf.jpg2013Social-educational evolution of crawlingGomez-Paloma, Filippo; D'Anna, Cristiana; Agrillo, Filomena
Open accessjhse_Vol_8_N_proc2_135-140.pdf.jpg2013The comparison of flexibility in the Czech population aged 18-59 yearsHrazdíra, Eduard; Grasgruber, Pavel; Kalina, Tomáš
Open accessjhse_Vol_8_N_proc2_47-53.pdf.jpg2013Resistance training program on functional independence of a elderly man with frontotemporal dementia: a case reportBorba-Pinheiro, Cláudio Joaquim; Figueiredo, Nébia Maria Almeida de; Walsh-Monteiro, André; Júnior, Olavo Raimundo Macedo da Rocha; Pernambuco, Carlos Soares; Oliveira, Marco Aurélio; Dantas, Estélio Henrique Martin
Open accessjhse_Vol_8_N_proc2_107-113.pdf.jpg2013Sports gymnastics as a part of curriculum of Sports Management university studies in the Czech RepublicHruša, Petr; Hrušová, Dagmar
Open accessjhse_Vol_8_N_proc2_114-119.pdf.jpg2013Comparison of selected characteristics of gait in men and womenDošla, Jan; Korvas, Pavel; Zvonař, Martin; Musil, Radek; Šenkýř, Jan; Kalina, Tomáš