Radon Gas Measurement in the Civil Architecture of the Santa Barbara Castle in Alicante

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Títol: Radon Gas Measurement in the Civil Architecture of the Santa Barbara Castle in Alicante
Autors: Rizo Maestre, Carlos | Chinchón Yepes, Servando
Grups d'investigació o GITE: Advanced deveLopment and empIrical research on Software (ALISoft)
Centre, Departament o Servei: Universidad de Alicante. Departamento de Construcciones Arquitectónicas
Paraules clau: Radon | Healthy Architecture | Building Materials | Environment
Àrees de coneixement: Construcciones Arquitectónicas
Data de publicació: de febrer-2017
Editor: Quest Journals
Citació bibliogràfica: Journal of Architecture and Civil Engineering. 2017, 3(4): 25-31
Resum: The presence of Radon gas in buildings is an indicator of air quality. The present study analyzes the amount of radon gas in the most singular construction of the city of Alicante (Spain): The Castle of Santa Bárbara. These infrastructures are very important for the city due to its historical character. Radon gas is considered to be highly harmful to human beings by different scientific agencies in the field of medicine and health, including the World Health Organization (WHO). The main effect of the presence of Radon in the human environment is the risk of lung cancer. This radioactive gaseous element is present in almost all the building materials, and in the lands in which the buildings are implanted. In Spain, the Technical Building Code (TBC) does not yet contemplate the maximum dose of Radon that one building can house and how to contain it.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10045/67819
ISSN: 2321-8193
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