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Open accessNAER_4_1_03.pdf.jpgene-2015An Attack on Inclusive Education in Secondary Education. Limitations in Initial Teacher Training in SpainLópez-Torrijo, Manuel; Mengual Andrés, Santiago
Open accessNAER_4_1_06.pdf.jpgene-2015Media Literacy through photography and participation. A conceptual approachRabadán, Ángel V.
Open accessNAER_4_1_09.pdf.jpgene-2015Questionnaire evaluating teaching competencies in the university environment. Evaluation of teaching competencies in the universityMoreno-Murcia, Juan Antonio; Silveira Torregrosa, Yolanda; Belando Pedreño, Noelia
Open accessNAER_4_1_10.pdf.jpgene-2015Analysis of risks in a Learning Management System: A case study in the Spanish National University of Distance Education (UNED)Vázquez-Cano, Esteban; Sevillano García, M. Luisa
Open accessNAER_4_1_02.pdf.jpgene-2015The Relationship between Test Anxiety, Epistemological Beliefs and Problem Solving among StudentsMehdinezhad, Vali; Bamari, Zeinab
Open accessNAER_4_1_07.pdf.jpgene-2015Educative Supervision in International Cooperation ContextsOrtiz, Ana; Valdivia-Moral, Pedro; Cachón, Javier; Prieto, Joel
Open accessNAER_4_1_08.pdf.jpgene-2015Enhancing learning with the social media: student teachers’ perceptions on Twitter in a debate activityTur, Gemma; Marín, Victoria I.
Open accessNAER_4_1_05.pdf.jpgene-2015Determinants of Internet use for interactive learning: an exploratory studyCastaño, Jonatan; Duart, Josep M.; Sancho-Vinuesa, Teresa
Open accessNAER_4_1_01.pdf.jpgene-2015Educational Research on Diversity and Quality Improvement in EducationSpencer-Rodgers, Julie; Cortijo-Ocaña, Antonio
Open access2015_Chiner_etal_NAER_eng.pdf.jpgene-2015Teachers’ beliefs about diversity: an analysis from a personal and professional perspectiveChiner, Esther; Cardona Moltó, María Cristina; Gómez-Puerta, Marcos