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Acceso abiertoene-2016Empathy in future teachers of the Pedagogical and Technological University of ColombiaHerrera Torres, Lucía; Buitrago Bonilla, Rafael Enrique; Ávila Moreno, Aida Karina
Acceso abiertoene-2016Promoting digital competence in secondary education: are schools there? Insights from a case studySancho Gil, Juana M.; Padilla Petry, Paulo
Acceso abiertoene-2016The educational possibilities of Augmented RealityCabero Almenara, Julio; Barroso, Julio
Acceso abiertoene-2016Are All Children Equal? Causative Factors of Child Labour in Selected Districts of South Punjab, PakistanHaider, Syed Zubair; Qureshi, Ayesha
Acceso abiertoene-2016Evaluation and development of digital competence in future primary school teachers at the University of MurciaGutiérrez Porlán, Isabel; Serrano Sánchez, José Luis
Acceso abiertoene-2016Keys of Japanese prosody and didactical - technical analysis of OJAD (Online Japanese Accent Dictionary)Delgado Algarra, Emilio José
Acceso abiertoene-2016Leadership Behaviors and Its Relation with Principals’ Management ExperienceMehdinezhad, Vali; Sardarzahi, Zaid
Acceso abiertoene-2016Web 2.0 for the invigoration and participation of families and communitiesMarín Díaz, Verónica; Sampedro Requena, Begoña Esther
Acceso abiertoene-2016From research into the specific to the universal in the general interest: educational research at the service of societySirignano, Fabrizio Manuel
Acceso abiertojul-2016Heritage, Second-Language and Native Speakers’ Intuitions on Deictic Verbs in Spanish: Beyond the Linguist’s IntuitionsChui, Daniel