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Restricted access2015_Sanhueza_etal_Nordic_Psychology.pdf.jpg11-Feb-2015Understanding elementary and secondary students' representation of cultural differences as reflected in the process of intercultural communication in school contextsSanhueza Henríquez, Susan Valeria; Cardona Moltó, María Cristina; Friz Carrillo, Miguel
Open access2009_Cristina_Cardona_JIASE_2.pdf.jpg2009Teacher education students’ beliefs of inclusion and perceived competence to teach students with disabilities in SpainCardona Moltó, María Cristina
Open access2009_Cristina_Cardona_JIASE_1.pdf.jpg2009Current trends in special education in Spain: do they reflect legislative mandates of inclusion?Cardona Moltó, María Cristina
Open access2013_Chiner_Cardona_IJIE_final.pdf.jpg2013Inclusive education in Spain: how do skills, resources, and supports affect regular education teachers’ perceptions of inclusion?Chiner, Esther; Cardona Moltó, María Cristina
Open access2015_Rao_etal_JScholasticInq-Edu.pdf.jpg2015A Cross Cultural, Comparative Analysis of Teamwork to Embrace Diversity in SchoolsRao, Shaila M.; Cardona Moltó, María Cristina; Soffer, Randall
Open accessArticulo_Practicas inclusivas_Chiner&Cardona_2013.pdf.jpg2013Teachers’ Use of Inclusive Practices in SpainChiner, Esther; Cardona Moltó, María Cristina
Open access2014_Fajardo_etal_JARID_final.pdf.jpgMay-2014Easy-to-read Texts for Students with Intellectual Disability: Linguistic Factors Affecting ComprehensionFajardo, Inmaculada; Ávila, Vicenta; Ferrer, Antonio; Tavares, Gema; Gómez-Puerta, Marcos; Hernández, Ana
Open access2016_Salmeron_etal_ReadWrit_final.pdf.jpgOct-2016How students with intellectual disabilities evaluate recommendations from internet forumsSalmerón, Ladislao; Gómez-Puerta, Marcos; Fajardo, Inmaculada
Open access2015_Chiner_etal_NAER_eng.pdf.jpgJan-2015Teachers’ beliefs about diversity: an analysis from a personal and professional perspectiveChiner, Esther; Cardona Moltó, María Cristina; Gómez-Puerta, Marcos
Open accessNAER_6_2_09.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2017Internet and people with intellectual disability: an approach to caregivers’ concerns, prevention strategies and training needsChiner, Esther; Gómez-Puerta, Marcos; Cardona Moltó, María Cristina