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AccessPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Open accessC3-Computation-of-Ohmic-Losses.pdf.jpg8-May-2015Computation of Ohmic Losses in Arbitrarily Shaped Waveguide Structures Using Perturbation of Boundary Conditions and BI-RME MethodMarini, Stephan; Soto Pacheco, Pablo; Mattes, Michael; Coves Soler, Ángela María; Gimeno Martínez, Benito; Boria Esbert, Vicente Enrique
Open access1P0_0537_publicado.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2015Low-cost Implementation of a Waveguide-based Microwave Filter in Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) TechnologyCoves Soler, Ángela María; San Blas Oltra, Ángel Antonio; Marini, Stephan; Torregrosa, Germán; Bronchalo, Enrique; Martellosio, Andrea
Open access1569440309[1]_Publicado.pdf.jpgOct-2011Advanced analysis of propagation losses in rectangular waveguide structures using perturbation of boundary conditionsMarini, Stephan; Mattes, Michael; Gimeno Martínez, Benito; Soto Pacheco, Pablo; Boria Esbert, Vicente Enrique
Open accessSPIE_v9598_art95980A_2015.pdf.jpg9-Sep-2015Study of the index matching for different photopolymersFernandez, Roberto; Gallego, Sergi; Márquez, Andrés; Ortuño, Manuel; Marini, Stephan; Pascual, Inmaculada; Beléndez, Augusto
Restricted accessproceedings_Study-of-periodic-diel.pdf.jpg10-Nov-2016Study of Periodic Dielectric Frequency-selective Surfaces under 3D Plane Wave IncidenceCoves Soler, Ángela María; Marini, Stephan; Gimeno Martínez, Benito; Boria Esbert, Vicente Enrique
Restricted access2018_Gomez_etal_IEEE-NEMO_final.pdf.jpg30-Oct-2018Rigorous Multimode Equivalent Network Representation of Multilayer Planar CircuitsGómez, Celia; Quesada Pereira, Fernando; Álvarez Melcón, Alejandro; Marini, Stephan; Sánchez-Soriano, Miguel Ángel; Boria Esbert, Vicente Enrique; Guglielmi, Marco
Restricted access2018_Sanchez-Soriano_etal_IEEE-NEMO_final.pdf.jpg30-Oct-2018Study on Multipactor Breakdown in Coaxial to Microstrip TransitionsSánchez-Soriano, Miguel Ángel; Marini, Stephan; Vague, Joaquin; Gómez, Celia; Quesada Pereira, Fernando; Álvarez Melcón, Alejandro; Boria Esbert, Vicente Enrique; Gulglielmi, Marco
Restricted access2018_Sanchez-Soriano_etal_EuMC.pdf.jpg22-Nov-2018Signal-Interference-Based Structure with Negative Group Delay PropertiesSánchez-Soriano, Miguel Ángel; Durá, Javier; Sirci, Stefano; Marini, Stephan
Restricted access2017_Coves_etal_32nd-URSI-GASS_final.pdf.jpgSep-2017Design of a Narrow-Band Filter Based on the Brewster phenomenon for microwave applicationsCoves Soler, Ángela María; Marini, Stephan; Gimeno Martínez, Benito; Sánchez, Daniel; Rodríguez, Ana; Boria Esbert, Vicente Enrique