Journal of Human Sport and Exercise - 2014 - 8th INSHS International Christmas Sport Scientific Conference, 5-7 December 2013

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AccessPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Open accessJHSE_Vol_9_N_1Proc_51.pdf.jpg2014The serve in under 12-13 Italian volleyball teamParisi, Fabio; Raiola, Gaetano
Open accessJHSE_Vol_9_N_1Proc_50.pdf.jpg2014Video analysis in youth volleyball teamParisi, Fabio; Raiola, Gaetano
Open accessJHSE_Vol_9_N_1Proc_49.pdf.jpg2014The analysis of individual tactics in the women's water poloNapolitano, Salvatore; Tursi, Daniela
Open accessJHSE_Vol_9_N_1Proc_48.pdf.jpg2014Technical movements in archeryTursi, Daniela; Napolitano, Salvatore
Open accessJHSE_Vol_9_N_1Proc_47.pdf.jpg2014The neurofeedback course using of high skilled gymnasts at competitive periodStrizhkova, Olga; Cherapkina, Larisa; Strizhkova, Tatiana
Open accessJHSE_Vol_9_N_1Proc_46.pdf.jpg2014The effect of smoking on visceral fat accumulation in Czech men and womenHlavoňová, Zuzana; Sebera, Martin; Pajerová, Eva
Open accessJHSE_Vol_9_N_1Proc_45.pdf.jpg2014Temporal gait characteristics in the Czech adult populationKorvas, Pavel; Hellebrandt, Vladimír
Open accessJHSE_Vol_9_N_1Proc_44.pdf.jpg2014Selected characteristics of gait in women of different agesDošla, Jan; Hupka, Dušan; Musil, Radek
Open accessJHSE_Vol_9_N_1Proc_43.pdf.jpg2014Agings and the parameters in static postural wayCvecka, Jan; Cacek, Jan; Ondráček, Jan
Open accessJHSE_Vol_9_N_1Proc_42.pdf.jpg2014Evaluation of rehabilitation influence on flat foot in children by plantar pressure analysisVorlickova, Lucie; Korvas, Pavel
Open accessJHSE_Vol_9_N_1Proc_41.pdf.jpg2014Isometric strength of the upper extremities in Czech men older than 18 yearsVilím, Martin; Hlavoňová, Dita; Grasgruber, Pavel
Open accessJHSE_Vol_9_N_1Proc_40.pdf.jpg2014Effect of the neuromuscular activation of knee extensors on vertical jump by using electrostimulation methodBílý, Jiří; Cacek, Jan
Open accessJHSE_Vol_9_N_1Proc_39.pdf.jpg2014Caffeine effect on extending time to exhaustionNamešanský, Ján; Hrnčiříková, Iva; Smolka, Ondřej
Open accessJHSE_Vol_9_N_1Proc_38.pdf.jpg2014Effect of exercise with elastic cord on postural stability in a group of elite gymnastsStruhár, Ivan; Dovrtělová, Lenka; Kapounková, Kateřina
Open accessJHSE_Vol_9_N_1Proc_37.pdf.jpg2014A comparison of antioxidant capacity and some lipoprotein values in swimmers and sedentary subjectsGökhan, İsmail; Aktaş, Yakup; Arikan, Gökhan
Open accessJHSE_Vol_9_N_1Proc_36.pdf.jpg2014Anthropometric characteristics in Czech elite female gymnastsHedbávný, Petr; Cacek, Jan; Svobodová, Lenka
Open accessJHSE_Vol_9_N_1Proc_35.pdf.jpg2014Swimming training and pulmonary variables in womenAydin, Gülsün; Koca, İsmail
Open accessJHSE_Vol_9_N_1Proc_34.pdf.jpg2014Strength training and changes in the dynamics of running economyCacek, Jan; Tomáš, Kalina; Martin, Doležal
Open accessJHSE_Vol_9_N_1Proc_33.pdf.jpg2014Anaemia and iron deficiency in female players in Albania; comparison with a reference groupBozo, Dhurata
Open accessJHSE_Vol_9_N_1Proc_32.pdf.jpg2014Changes to eating habits of young men after finishing a diving courseJuříková, Jana
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 50