Definition of the transfer coefficient in electrochemistry (IUPAC Recommendations 2014)

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dc.contributorElectroquímica de Superficieses
dc.contributor.authorGuidelli, Rolando-
dc.contributor.authorCompton, Richard G.-
dc.contributor.authorFeliu, Juan M.-
dc.contributor.authorGileadi, Eliezer-
dc.contributor.authorLipkowski, Jacek-
dc.contributor.authorSchmickler, Wolfgang-
dc.contributor.authorTrasatti, Sergio-
dc.contributor.otherUniversidad de Alicante. Departamento de Química Físicaes
dc.contributor.otherUniversidad de Alicante. Instituto Universitario de Electroquímicaes
dc.identifier.citationPure and Applied Chemistry. 2014, 86(2): 259-262. doi:10.1515/pac-2014-5025es
dc.identifier.issn0033-4545 (Print)-
dc.identifier.issn1365-3075 (Online)-
dc.description.abstractThe transfer coefficient α is a quantity that is commonly employed in the kinetic investigation of electrode processes. An unambiguous definition of the transfer coefficient, independent of any mechanistic consideration and exclusively based on experimental data, is proposed. The cathodic transfer coefficient αc is defined as –(RT/F)(dln|jc|/dE), where jc is the cathodic current density corrected for any changes in the reactant concentration on the electrode surface with respect to its bulk value, E is the applied electric potential, and R, T, and F have their usual significance. The anodic transfer coefficient αa is defined similarly, by simply replacing jc with the anodic current density and the minus sign with the plus sign. This recommendation aims at clarifying and improving the definition of the transfer coefficient reported in the 3rd edition of the IUPAC Green
dc.publisherDe Gruyteres
dc.rights© 2014 IUPAC & De Gruyteres
dc.subjectElectrode kineticses
dc.subjectIUPAC Physical and Biophysical Chemistry Divisiones
dc.subjectSymmetry factores
dc.subjectTafel slopees
dc.subjectTransfer coefficientes
dc.subject.otherQuímica Físicaes
dc.titleDefinition of the transfer coefficient in electrochemistry (IUPAC Recommendations 2014)es
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