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Open accessBooleanFunctionsDegree-v3_Climent_Garcia_Requena.pdf.jpg2013The degree of a Boolean function and some algebraic properties of its supportCliment, Joan-Josep; García García, Francisco Jesús; Requena Arévalo, Verónica
Restricted access2012_Climent_etal_LAA.pdf.jpg18-d’abril-2012A construction of MDS 2D convolutional codes of rate 1/n based on superregular matricesCliment, Joan-Josep; Napp, Diego; Perea, Carmen; Pinto, Raquel
Open access2014_Climent_etal_Algebra.pdf.jpg17-d’abril-2014A Construction of Bent Functions of n + 2 Variables from a Bent Function of n Variables and Its Cyclic ShiftsCliment, Joan-Josep; García García, Francisco Jesús; Requena Arévalo, Verónica
Open access2014_Ballester_etal_ForumMath.pdf.jpgde novembre-2014Formations of finite monoids and formal languages: Eilenberg's variety theorem revisitedBallester Bolinches, Adolfo; Pin, Jean-Éric; Soler Escrivà, Xaro
Open access2015_Climent_etal_SeMA_final.pdf.jpgde desembre-2015On the construction of new bent functions from the max-weight and min-weight functions of old bent functionsCliment, Joan-Josep; García García, Francisco Jesús; Requena Arévalo, Verónica
Open access2000_Climent_etal_WSES.pdf.jpg2000An hybrid parallel algorithm for solving tridiagonal linear systems versus the Wang’s method in a Cray T3D BSP computerCliment, Joan-Josep; Tortosa, Leandro; Zamora, Antonio
Open access2003_Climent_etal_Mathematics_of_Computation.pdf.jpg24-de novembre-2003Sequential and parallel synchronous alternating iterative methodsCliment, Joan-Josep; Perea Marco, Mari Carmen; Tortosa, Leandro; Zamora, Antonio
Open access2004_Arcaina_etal_TBE.pdf.jpg2004A system to communicate hidden information using color imagesArcaina Toledo, Enrique; Climent, Joan-Josep; Tortosa, Leandro; Zamora, Antonio
Open accessMulticast-v6f_Climent_Lopez-Ramos_Navarro_Tortosa.pdf.jpg2013Key agreement protocols for distributed secure multicast over the ring Ep(m)Climent, Joan-Josep; López Ramos, Juan Antonio; Navarro, Pedro R.; Tortosa, Leandro
Open access2003_Climent_etal_WSEAS.pdf.jpgde juliol-2003An algorithm to hide information in binary imagesCliment, Joan-Josep; Santacruz, Javier; Tortosa, Leandro; Zamora, Antonio