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Open accessJulia-Sanchis_etal_2020_IntJEnvironResPublicHealth.pdf.jpg18-Oct-2020Psychometric Properties of the Health Professionals Communication Skills Scale in University Students of Health SciencesJuliá-Sanchis, Rocío; Cabañero-Martínez, María José; Leal Costa, César, et al
Open accessPortilla-Tamarit_etal_2020_Diagnostics.pdf.jpg30-Jul-2020The Role of Mental Health Conditions in the Diagnosis of Neurocognitive Impairment in People Living with HIVPortilla-Tamarit, Irene; Ruiz-Robledillo, Nicolás; Díez-Martínez, Marcos, et al
Open accessKokou-Kpolou_etal_2020_PsychologicalTrauma.pdf.jpg11-Jun-2020Prolonged Grief Related to COVID-19 Deaths: Do We Have to Fear a Steep Rise in Traumatic and Disenfranchised Griefs?Kokou-Kpolou, Cyrille Kossigan; Fernández-Alcántara, Manuel; Cénat, Jude Mary
Open accessBadenes-Ribera_etal_2020_InfPsic.pdf.jpg2020Meta-análisis de generalización de la fiabilidadBadenes-Ribera, Laura; Rubio-Aparicio, María; Sánchez‐Meca, Julio
Restricted accessSanchez-SanSegundo_etal_2020_ArchSexBehav_final.pdf.jpgJul-2020Psychometric Properties of the Spanish Version of the Homophobic Content Agent Target Scale Among Adolescent StudentsSánchez San Segundo, Miriam; Smith, Erin; Albaladejo-Blázquez, Natalia, et al
Restricted accessBenito-Sanchez_etal_2020_DevelopNeuropsychology_45-4-200_final.pdf.jpg2020Prevalence of Low Scores on Executive Functions Tests in a Spanish-Speaking Pediatric Population from 10 Latin American Countries and SpainBenito-Sánchez, Itziar; Gonzalez, Isabel; Oliveras-Rentas, Rafael E., et al
Restricted accessBenito-Sanchez_etal_2020_DevelopNeuropsychology_45-4-189_final.pdf.jpg2020Multivariate Base Rates of Low Scores on Tests of Learning and Memory among Spanish-Speaking ChildrenBenito-Sánchez, Itziar; Ertl, Melissa M.; Ferrer-Cascales, Rosario, et al
Open accessFernandez-Alcantara_etal_2020_AffectioSocietatis.pdf.jpg6-May-2020The therapeutic role of signifier opposition and fort-da in the treatment of a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD): a case reportFernández-Alcántara, Manuel; Correa, Cayetana; Laynez-Rubio, Carolina, et al
Open accessSanchez-SanSegundo_etal_2020_IntJEnvironResPublicHealth.pdf.jpg27-Apr-2020Effectiveness of the Reasoning and Rehabilitation V2 Programme for Improving Personal and Social Skills in Spanish Adolescent StudentsSánchez San Segundo, Miriam; Ferrer-Cascales, Rosario; Albaladejo-Blázquez, Natalia, et al
Restricted accessClement-Carbonell_etal_2020_ResNursHealth_final.pdf.jpgJun-2020Psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the mild cognitive impairment questionnaireClement, Violeta; Cabañero-Martínez, María José; Fernández-Alcántara, Manuel, et al
Open accessCabanero-Martinez_etal_2020_AnSistSanitNavar.pdf.jpg2020Lugar de fallecimiento de las personas con enfermedades susceptibles de cuidados paliativos en las diferentes comunidades autónomas de EspañaCabañero-Martínez, María José; Nolasco, Andreu; Melchor-Alós, Inmaculada, et al
Open accessOrtiz-Ruiz_etal_2020_SciRep.pdf.jpg14-Apr-2020Success rate of proximal tooth-coloured direct restorations in primary teeth at 24 months: a meta-analysisOrtiz-Ruiz, Antonio J.; Pérez-Guzmán, Nuria; Rubio-Aparicio, María, et al
Restricted accessZamora-Munoz_etal_RevClinEsp_eng_final.pdf.jpgApr-2020Satisfaction with hospital care at the end of lifeZamora Muñoz, María José; Priego Valladares, Manuel; van-der Hofstadt, Carlos, et al
Restricted accessZamora-Munoz_etal_RevClinEsp_esp_final.pdf.jpgApr-2020Satisfacción con la atención hospitalaria al final de la vidaZamora Muñoz, María José; Priego Valladares, Manuel; van-der Hofstadt, Carlos, et al
Open accessSanchez-Garcia_etal_2020_IntJEnvironResPublicHealth.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2020Adequacy of Parenteral Nutrition in Preterm Infants According to Current Recommendations: A Study in A Spanish HospitalSánchez-García, Ana María; Zaragoza Martí, Ana; Murcia-López, Ana Cristina, et al
Restricted accessMorell-Velasco_etal_2020_JPediatricNursing_final.pdf.jpg2020Teachers' Perception of Grief in Primary and Secondary School Students in Spain: Children's Responses and Elements which Facilitate or Hinder the Grieving ProcessMorell-Velasco, Clara; Fernández-Alcántara, Manuel; Hueso Montoro, César, et al
Open access2020_Fernandez-Alcantara_etal_JClinMed.pdf.jpg20-Mar-2020Increased Amygdala Activations during the Emotional Experience of Death-Related Pictures in Complicated Grief: An fMRI StudyFernández-Alcántara, Manuel; Verdejo-Román, Juan; Cruz-Quintana, Francisco, et al
Restricted access2020_Rubio-Aparicio_etal_ClinPsycholSciPract_final.pdf.jpgMar-2020A reliability generalization meta‐analysis of self‐report measures of muscle dysmorphiaRubio-Aparicio, María; Badenes‐Ribera, Laura; Sánchez‐Meca, Julio, et al
Embargoed2020_Marti-Garcia_etal_NurseEduToday_final.pdf.jpgMay-2020Content analysis of the effects of palliative care learning on the perception by nursing students of dying and dignified deathMartí-García, Celia; Ruiz-Martín, Laura; Fernández-Alcántara, Manuel, et al
Open access2020_Perez-Marfil_etal_FrontPsychiatry.pdf.jpg14-Feb-2020Influence of Socio-Economic Status on Psychopathology in Ecuadorian ChildrenPérez-Marfil, María Nieves; Fernández-Alcántara, Manuel; Fasfous, Ahmed, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 143