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Open access2016_Morote_Hernandez_LandUsePolicy_final.pdf.jpgJan-2016Urban sprawl and its effects on water demand: A case study of Alicante, SpainMorote Seguido, Álvaro Francisco; Hernández-Hernández, María
Open access2016_Morote_Hernandez_Boletin-AGE.pdf.jpg2016Jardines y patrones de ajardinamiento en las urbanizaciones del litoral de AlicanteMorote Seguido, Álvaro Francisco; Hernández-Hernández, María
Open access2014_March_et_al_nhessd.pdf.jpg13-Nov-2014Assessing domestic water use habits for more effective water awareness campaigns during drought periods: a case study in Alicante, Eastern SpainMarch, Hug; Hernández-Hernández, María; Sauri, David
Open access2016_Morote_etal_Water.pdf.jpg31-Aug-2016Causes of Domestic Water Consumption Trends in the City of Alicante: Exploring the Links between the Housing Bubble, the Types of Housing and the Socio-Economic FactorsMorote Seguido, Álvaro Francisco; Hernández-Hernández, María; Rico, Antonio
Restricted access2013_Mico_etal_BiodiversConserv-final.pdf.jpgApr-2013Explaining the saproxylic beetle diversity of a protected Mediterranean areaMicó, Estefanía; García López, Alejandra; Brustel, Hervé; Padilla, Ascension; Galante, Eduardo
Open access2015_Zaragozi_etal_EcolInf_final.pdf.jpgNov-2015Advances in camera trap data management tools: Towards collaborative development and integration with GISZaragozí Zaragozí, Benito Manuel; Belda, Antonio; Gimenez-Font, Pablo; Navarro Carrión, José Tomás; Bonet, Andreu
Restricted access2016_Ortuno_etal_LandUsePolicy_final.pdf.jpgFeb-2016Golf courses and land use patterns in the south-east of SpainOrtuño Padilla, Armando; Hernández-Hernández, María; Civera, Sergio
Open access2017_Morote_etal_TheProfessionalGeographer_final.pdf.jpgFeb-2017Residential Tourism, Swimming Pools, and Water Demand in the Western MediterraneanMorote Seguido, Álvaro Francisco; Sauri, David; Hernández-Hernández, María
Open access2015_Hernandez_etal_Boletin-AGE_esp.pdf.jpg2015Auge y caída de nuevas naturalezas urbanas: plantas ornamentales y expansión turístico-residencial en AlicanteHernández-Hernández, María; Sauri, David; Morales Gil, Alfredo
Open access2018_Morote_Hernandez_Water.pdf.jpg26-Jun-2018Unauthorised Domestic Water Consumption in the City of Alicante (Spain): A Consideration of Its Causes and Urban Distribution (2005–2017)Morote Seguido, Álvaro Francisco; Hernández-Hernández, María