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Open access2014_Mata_etal_TEL.pdf.jpgd’octubre-2014Preference Intensity in Positional VotingMata Pérez, Esther; Laruelle, Annick; Martínez, Ricardo; Ponti, Giovanni
Open access2015_Ponti_Rodriguez_Front-Behav-Neurosci.pdf.jpg19-de juny-2015Social preferences and cognitive reflection: evidence from a dictator game experimentPonti, Giovanni; Rodriguez-Lara, Ismael
Restricted access2014_Serti_Tomasi_EmpirEcon_final.pdf.jpgde desembre-2014Export and import market-specific characteristics. How they drive the decision to trade and how muchSerti, Francesco; Tomasi, Chiara
Restricted access2015_Campanale_etal_JME_final.pdf.jpgd’abril-2015Life-cycle portfolio choice with liquid and illiquid financial assetsCampanale, Claudio; Fugazza, Carolina; Gomes, Francisco
Restricted access2015_Cueva_Rustichini_JEBO_final.pdf.jpgde novembre-2015Is financial instability male-driven? Gender and cognitive skills in experimental asset marketsCueva, Carlos; Rustichini, Aldo
Open access2015_Ferrara_etal_PLoS-ONE.pdf.jpg20-de març-2015Gender Differences in Sleep Deprivation Effects on Risk and Inequality Aversion: Evidence from an Economic ExperimentFerrara, Michele; Bottasso, Anna; Tempesta, Daniela; Carrieri, Marika; De Gennaro, Luigi; Ponti, Giovanni
Open access2012_Espinosa_etal_RIS.pdf.jpgde març-2012Strategic interaction and conventionsEspinosa, María Paz; Kovářík, Jaromír; Ponti, Giovanni
Open access2013_Leombruni_etal_EER_final.pdf.jpgde juliol-2013The pecuniary and non-pecuniary costs of job displacement—The risky job of being back to workLeombruni, Roberto; Razzolini, Tiziano; Serti, Francesco
Open access2015_Sanjurjo_PLoS-ONE.pdf.jpg29-de juny-2015Search, Memory, and Choice Error: An ExperimentSanjurjo, Adam
Open access2015_Cueva_etal_Scientific-Reports.pdf.jpg2-de juliol-2015Cortisol and testosterone increase financial risk taking and may destabilize marketsCueva, Carlos; Roberts, R. Edward; Spencer, Tom; Rani, Nisha; Tempest, Michelle; Tobler, Philippe N.; Herbert, Joe; Rustichini, Aldo