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AccessPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Open access2006_Garrigos_Gomez_WISM.pdf.jpg2006Modeling user behaviour aware websites with PRMLGarrigós, Irene; Gómez Ortega, Jaime
Open access2007_Garrigos_Cruz_Gomez_AEWSE.pdf.jpg2007A prototype tool for the automatic generation of adaptive websitesGarrigós, Irene; Cruz, Cristian; Gómez Ortega, Jaime
Restricted access2005_Garrigos_etal_APWeb.pdf.jpg2005A structured approach to personalize websites using the OO-H personalization frameworkGarrigós, Irene; Casteleyn, Sven; Gómez Ortega, Jaime
Open access2005_Garrigos_etal_WISM.pdf.jpg2005A reusable personalization model in web application designGarrigós, Irene; Gómez Ortega, Jaime; Barna, Peter; Houben, Geert-Jan
Open access2003_Garrigos_Gomez_Cachero_ICWI_final.pdf.jpg2003Modelling adaptive web applicationsGarrigós, Irene; Gómez Ortega, Jaime; Cachero, Cristina
Restricted accessVisualJVM.pdf.jpgFeb-2008VisualJVM: a visual tool for teaching Java technologyGarrido Abenza, Pedro Pablo; Ledesma Latorre, Bernardo; Grediaga, Angel
Restricted access2004_Bia_etal_ICWE.pdf.jpg2004Personalizing digital libraries at design time: the Miguel de Cervantes Digital Library case studyBia Platas, Alejandro; Garrigós, Irene; Gómez Ortega, Jaime
Open access2007_Vallecillo_etal_ICWE.pdf.jpg2007MDWEnet: a practical approach to achieving interoperability of model-driven web engineering methodsVallecillo, Antonio; Koch, Nora; Cachero, Cristina; Comai, Sara; Fraternali, Piero; Garrigós, Irene; Gómez Ortega, Jaime; Kappel, Gerti; Knapp, Alexander; Matera, Maristella; Meliá, Santiago; Moreno, Nathalie; Pröll, Birgit; Reiter, Thomas; Retschitzegger, Werner; Rivera, José E.; Schauerhuber, Andrea; Schwinger, Wieland; Wimmer, Manuel; Zhang, Gefei
Open access2009_Garrigos_etal_WISE.pdf.jpg2009Personalizing the interface in rich Internet applicationsGarrigós, Irene; Meliá, Santiago; Casteleyn, Sven
Open access2009_Garrigos_etal_ICWE.pdf.jpg2009Adapting the presentation layer in rich Internet applicationsGarrigós, Irene; Meliá, Santiago; Casteleyn, Sven