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Open access2016_Aliaga_etal_PhysStatusSolidiA_final.pdf.jpgNov-2016Influence of free surfaces on microstructure evolution of radiation damage in Fe from molecular dynamics and object kinetic Monte Carlo calculationsAliaga Gosálvez, María José; Dopico, Ignacio; Martín Bragado, Ignacio; Caturla, Maria J.
Open access2015_JoP_MD_Dednam.pdf.jpg2015Modeling contact formation between atomic-sized gold tips via molecular dynamicsDednam, Wynand; Sabater Piqueres, Carlos; Fernández, M.A.; Untiedt, Carlos; Palacios Burgos, Juan José; Caturla, Maria J.
Open access2016_Fernandez_etal_PhysRevB.pdf.jpg26-Feb-2016Dynamic bonding of metallic nanocontacts: Insights from experiments and atomistic simulationsFernández, M.A.; Sabater Piqueres, Carlos; Dednam, Wynand; Palacios Burgos, Juan José; Calvo Urbina, María Reyes; Untiedt, Carlos; Caturla, Maria J.
Open accessEDULEARN 2015_295 Paper.pdf.jpg6-Jul-2015Comparison between methodologies and evaluations in core Physic subjects in Engineering and Architecture BachelorsAlvarez, Mariela L.; Beléndez, Augusto; Benavídez, Paula Gabriela; Calzado Estepa, Eva María; Francés, Jorge; Gallego, Sergi; Heredia-Avalos, Santiago; Hernández Prados, Antonio; Ortuño, Manuel
Open access2012_Bjorkas_etal_PhysRevB.pdf.jpg9-Jan-2012Influence of the picosecond defect distribution on damage accumulation in irradiated α-FeBjörkas, Carolina; Nordlund, Kai; Caturla, Maria J.
Restricted access2013_Rivera_etal_NIMB_final.pdf.jpg15-May-2013Effect of ion flux on helium retention in helium-irradiated tungstenRivera de Mena, Antonio; Valles Alberdi, Gonzalo; Caturla, Maria J.; Martín Bragado, Ignacio
Open access2014_Aliaga_etal_JNM.pdf.jpg10-Jun-2014Molecular dynamics simulations of irradiation of α-Fe thin films with energetic Fe ions under channeling conditionsAliaga Gosálvez, María José; Prokhodtseva, Anna; Schaeublin, Robin; Caturla, Maria J.
Open access2015_Martinez_Caturla_NIMB_final.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2015Molecular dynamics simulations of defect production in graphene by carbon irradiationMartínez Asencio, Jesús; Caturla, Maria J.
Open access2018_Verges_etal_PhysRevB.pdf.jpg15-Oct-2018Conductance through the armchair graphene nanoribbons 9-AGNR: Strong dependence on contact to leadsVergés Brotons, José Antonio; Chiappe, Guillermo; San-Fabián, Emilio; Louis, Enrique
Open access2018_Sabater_etal_PhysRevB.pdf.jpg16-Feb-2018Role of first-neighbor geometry in the electronic and mechanical properties of atomic contactsSabater Piqueres, Carlos; Dednam, Wynand; Calvo Urbina, María Reyes; Fernández, M.A.; Untiedt, Carlos; Caturla, Maria J.