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Open access2018_Marcos-Madrazo_etal_Polymers.pdf.jpg13-Aug-2018Preparation and Identification of Optimal Synthesis Conditions for a Novel Alkaline Anion-Exchange MembraneMarcos-Madrazo, Aitor; Casado-Coterillo, Clara; García Cruz, Leticia, et al
Open access2018_Adamik_etal_Nanomaterials.pdf.jpg18-Jul-2018Platinum Nanoparticle Inclusion into a Carbonized Polymer of Intrinsic Microporosity: Electrochemical Characteristics of a Catalyst for Electroless Hydrogen Peroxide ProductionAdamik, Robert K.; Hernández Ibáñez, Naiara; Iniesta, Jesus, et al
Open access2018_Montiel_etal_PhysChemChemPhys_final.pdf.jpg22-Jun-2018Electrocatalytic studies on imidazolium based ionic liquids: defining experimental conditionsMontiel López, Miguel Ángel; Solla-Gullón, José; Montiel, Vicente, et al
Restricted access2018_Morant-Giner_etal_AdvFunctMater_final.pdf.jpg4-Jul-2018Prussian Blue@MoS2 Layer Composites as Highly Efficient Cathodes for Sodium‐ and Potassium‐Ion BatteriesMorant-Giner, Marc; Sanchis-Gual, Roger; Romero, Jorge, et al
Embargoed2018_Sanjuan_etal_ElectActa_final.pdf.jpg20-Aug-2018The electrochemistry of 5-halocytosines at carbon based electrodes towards epigenetic sensingSanjuán, Ignacio; Martín-Gómez, Andrés Noel; Graham, John P., et al
Open access2018_Hernandez_etal_JElectrChem_final.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2018pH effects on molecular hydrogen storage in porous organic cages deposited onto platinum electrodesHernández Ibáñez, Naiara; Lee, Jet-Sing M.; Iniesta, Jesus, et al
Embargoed2018_Gonzalez-Sanchez_etal_ElectrComm_final.pdf.jpgJun-2018Highly activated screen-printed carbon electrodes by electrochemical treatment with hydrogen peroxideGonzález-Sánchez, María I.; Gómez-Monedero, Beatriz; Agrisuelas, Jerónimo, et al
Open access2018_Mozo-Mulero_etal_BeilsteinJOrgChem.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2018An alternative to hydrogenation processes. Electrocatalytic hydrogenation of benzophenoneMozo Mulero, Cristina; Sáez, Alfonso; Iniesta, Jesus, et al
Open access2018_Rizo_etal_JACS_final.pdf.jpg23-Feb-2018Pt-Richcore/Sn-Richsubsurface/Ptskin Nanocubes As Highly Active and Stable Electrocatalysts for the Ethanol Oxidation ReactionRizo, Rubén; Arán-Ais, Rosa M.; Padgett, Elliot, et al
Open access2018_Souza_etal_CurrOpinElectrochem_preprint.pdf.jpg13-Mar-2018Adatom decorated shape-controlled metal nanoparticles: advanced electrocatalysts for energy conversionSouza, Matheus B.C. de; Fernández, Pablo S.; Solla-Gullón, José
Restricted access2018_Hernandez_etal_JApplElectrochem_final.pdf.jpgMar-2018Fabrication, characterization and electrochemical response of pitch-derived open-pore carbon foams as electrodesHernández Ibáñez, Naiara; Montiel, Vicente; Molina Jordá, José Miguel, et al
Open access2018_Aran-Ais_etal_JElectrChem_final.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2018On the quality and stability of preferentially oriented (100) Pt nanoparticles: An electrochemical insightArán-Ais, Rosa M.; Solla-Gullón, José; Herrero, Enrique, et al
Open access2017_Garcia-Cruz_etal_C.pdf.jpg20-Nov-2017The Role of Carbon on Copper–Carbon Composites for the Electrooxidation of Alcohols in an Alkaline MediumGarcía Cruz, Leticia; Ania, Conchi O.; Carvalho, Ana Paula, et al
Open access2017_Jukk_etal_ElectrActa_final.pdf.jpg10-Oct-2017Loading effect of carbon-supported platinum nanocubes on oxygen electroreductionJukk, Kristel; Kongi, Nadezda; Tammeveski, Kaido, et al
Open access2017_Jukk_etal_ChemElectroChem_final.pdf.jpgOct-2017Electroreduction of Oxygen on PdPt Alloy Nanocubes in Alkaline and Acidic MediaJukk, Kristel; Kongi, Nadezda; Tammeveski, Kaido, et al
Restricted access2017_Neves_etal_AnalMethods_final.pdf.jpg4-Aug-2017A non-enzymatic ethanol sensor based on a nanostructured catalytic disposable electrodeNeves, Marta M. Pereira Silva; González-García, M. Begoña; Bobes-Limenes, Pablo, et al
Restricted access2017_Hernandez_etal_ApplMatToday_final.pdf.jpgDec-2017Carbonization of polymers of intrinsic microporosity to microporous heterocarbon: Capacitive pH measurementsHernández Ibáñez, Naiara; Iniesta, Jesus; Montiel, Vicente, et al
Open access2017_Perales-Rondon_etal_JElectrChem_final.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2017Formic acid electrooxidation on thallium modified platinum single crystal electrodesPerales-Rondón, Juan V.; Busó-Rogero, Carlos; Solla-Gullón, José, et al
Open access2017_Acevedo_etal_MicrogravitySciTechnol_final.pdf.jpgAug-2017Chronoamperometric Study of Ammonia Oxidation in a Direct Ammonia Alkaline Fuel Cell under the Influence of MicrogravityAcevedo, Raul; Poventud-Estrada, Carlos M.; Morales-Navas, Camila, et al
Restricted access2017_Hernandez_etal_JElectrChem_final.pdf.jpg15-May-2017Reprint of: l-Cysteine determination in embryo cell culture media using Co (II)-phthalocyanine modified disposable screen-printed electrodesHernández Ibáñez, Naiara; Sanjuán, Ignacio; Montiel López, Miguel Ángel, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 163