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Open access2018_Adamik_etal_Nanomaterials.pdf.jpg18-Jul-2018Platinum Nanoparticle Inclusion into a Carbonized Polymer of Intrinsic Microporosity: Electrochemical Characteristics of a Catalyst for Electroless Hydrogen Peroxide ProductionAdamik, Robert K.; Hernández Ibáñez, Naiara; Iniesta, Jesus; Edwards, Jennifer K.; Howe, Alexander G.R.; Armstrong, Robert D.; Taylor, Stuart H.; Roldan, Alberto; Rong, Yuanyang; Malpass-Evans, Richard; Carta, Mariolino; McKeown, Neil B.; He, Daping; Marken, Frank
Open access2018_Marcos-Madrazo_etal_Polymers.pdf.jpg13-Aug-2018Preparation and Identification of Optimal Synthesis Conditions for a Novel Alkaline Anion-Exchange MembraneMarcos-Madrazo, Aitor; Casado-Coterillo, Clara; García Cruz, Leticia; Iniesta, Jesus; Simonelli, Laura; Sebastián, Víctor; Encabo-Berzosa, María del Mar; Arruebo, Manuel; Irabien, Ángel
Open access2014_Garcia-Cruz_etal_Carbon.pdf.jpg28-Feb-2014Electrocatalytic activity of Ni-doped nanoporous carbons in the electrooxidation of propargyl alcoholGarcía Cruz, Leticia; Sáez, Alfonso; Ania, Conchi O.; Solla-Gullón, José; Thiemann, Thies; Iniesta, Jesus; Montiel, Vicente
Restricted access2017_Hernandez_etal_ApplMatToday_final.pdf.jpgDec-2017Carbonization of polymers of intrinsic microporosity to microporous heterocarbon: Capacitive pH measurementsHernández Ibáñez, Naiara; Iniesta, Jesus; Montiel, Vicente; Armstrong, Robert; Taylor, Stuart H.; Madrid, Elena; Rong, Yuanyang; Castaing, Rémi; Malpass-Evans, Richard; Carta, Mariolino; McKeown, Neil B.; Marken, Frank
Open access2016_Garcia-Cruz_etal_JMS_final.pdf.jpg15-Jan-2016Chitosan:poly (vinyl) alcohol composite alkaline membrane incorporating organic ionomers and layered silicate materials into a PEM electrochemical reactorGarcía Cruz, Leticia; Casado-Coterillo, Clara; Iniesta, Jesus; Montiel, Vicente; Irabien, Ángel
Restricted access2016_Irikura_etal_JEnvMan_final.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2016Electrodegradation of the Acid Green 28 dye using Ti/β-PbO2 and Ti-Pt/β-PbO2 anodesIrikura, Kallyni; Bocchi, Nerilso; Rocha-Filho, Romeu C.; Biaggio, Sonia R.; Iniesta, Jesus; Montiel, Vicente
Open access2016_Hernandez_etal_Bios&Bioelectr_final.pdf.jpg15-Mar-2016Electrochemical lactate biosensor based upon chitosan/carbon nanotubes modified screen-printed graphite electrodes for the determination of lactate in embryonic cell culturesHernández Ibáñez, Naiara; García Cruz, Leticia; Montiel, Vicente; Foster, Christopher W.; Banks, Craig E.; Iniesta, Jesus
Open accessEC4.pdf.jpgMay-2002Electrodeposition of PbO2 on glassy carbon electrodes: influence of ultrasound powerGonzález García, José; Sáez Bernal, Verónica; Iniesta, Jesus; Montiel, Vicente; Aldaz Riera, Antonio
Open accessNA-ULTR1.pdf.jpg1998Effects of ultrasound on the electrodeposition of lead dioxide on glassy carbon electrodesGonzález García, José; Iniesta, Jesus; Aldaz Riera, Antonio; Montiel, Vicente
Open access2016_Thiemann_etal_PhosSulfurSilicon_final.pdf.jpg20-Jan-2016[4+2]-Cycloaddition of sterically hindered thiophene S-oxides to alkenes and SO extrusion reactions of the cycloadductsThiemann, Thies; Iniesta, Jesus; Walton, David